Old Cars Weekly April 15, 2021

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truck bargains abound despite interest uptick

There seems to be no end to the increasing popularity of the pickup truck. As of May 2020, new truck sales eclipsed car sales for the first time with more new pickup trucks sold to Americans than new cars. Not surprisingly then, half of the vehicles on the top 10 best-selling new vehicles in the United States last year were pickups. Traction among vintage pickup trucks has also been gaining for the past several years. It’s a topic I’ve discussed here before, and one look at the auction results published in Old Cars and the escalating vintage truck prices in Old Cars Report Price Guide shows those popularity increases. Particularly hot are any 1947-and-newer Chevrolet and GMC trucks, pre-1957 and post-1960 Ford trucks and pre-1948 Dodge half-tonners plus all Dodge Power…

sound your horn

An offer to make Highlander plaid In John Lee’s March 1 “Collecting Chryslers” column on Highlander plaid interiors, he mentions that new material is very hard to come by. That’s not really true. I have been making the correct red-and-blue Highlander material for at least 25 years. I would also make the green material if someone sent me a good, original sample. Doug Pollock, Owner, SMS Auto Fabrics, 503-263-3535 Lamenting a Mustang lost I want to say how much I enjoyed the “Double Restoration” article about the Shelby G.T. 350 restoration/transformation. Outstanding work and an imaginative layout showing the stock Ford Mustang 2+2 going through the steps Shelby American put them through in turning Ford’s “secretary’s car” into the G.T. 350. The double imagery used to show each step from a fresh, new San Jose-built K-Code…

weathered wheels

Last year, when there were still green leaves on the trees, Steve Isola spotted this 1950 Chevrolet north of Duluth, Minn., in the backyard of an old farmhouse. “Solid-looking black car. I’ve come across a lot of these 1949-’52 Chevrolets, four-doors and two-doors, that are unrestored and sitting in yards across the area,” Isola noted. “[There’s] something about them that people just want to keep them with little intention to restore. Old Cars featured one in central Wisconsin a few years back that had ridiculous low miles, but had been stored outside with the elements taking its toll. If this was a two-door, I’d scoop it up for my retired brother-in-law, as he wants to build a rat rod out of a 1950 Chevrolet, same year he was born....but he…

the scoop

Spring Carlisle kicks off April 21 CARLISLE, Pa. _ Spring Carlisle, one of the country’s headline spring old car hobby events, will be held April 21-25 at the Carlisle Fairgrounds. Spanning five days, Spring Carlisle welcomes over 100,000 automotive enthusiasts converging on the facility, all looking to buy, sell and trade all things automotive. The 8,100 vending spaces will again be filled with millions of automotive pieces and parts with buyers and sellers alike coming from around the world to shop and sell at Carlisle. In addition to the parts, collectibles and memorabilia, there are cars for sale in the car corral. This year’s accompanying Carlisle Colector Car Auction will be held on April 22-23 with bidding beginning at noon both days. More than 400 vehicles are expected to cross the block. For more…

new auto art gallery to open at museum of american speed

LINCOLN, Neb. _ A Gallery of Automotive Art is a new attraction as the Museum of American Speed reopens this spring. After being closed most of last year to comply with efforts to slow the COVID-19 virus, the museum, on the Speedway Motors campus in Lincoln, will reopen May 1 for summer hours, which are noon to 4:30 p.m. weekdays and 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Saturdays. Curator Tim Matthews said the winter schedule of afternoon hours only on Monday and Friday, along with the Saturday hours, will be observed through April. Opening exhibits in the art gallery, on the second floor of the three-story museum, feature works of Darryll Mayabb. A section of his home studio in Colorado has been replicated to display his paintings that range from cartoons to…

thunderbird clubs dig into hidden histories

These two Thunderbird magazines may be dimensionally smaller than most club publications, but carry hefty impact of 56 to 64 pages. Let’s begin with this year’s first issue of The Early Bird, Classic Thunderbird Club International (www.CTCI.org; editor Garrett Shropshire). The article “Uncovering Our Thunderbird’s History” by Bob and Jeanne Gilmore proved that research can unearth secrets. At a moving sale, the old car was covered and crammed in a garage, under a pile of boxes and golf clubs. Clearly, it was in a long sleep. But the owners needed to vacate. The Gilmores chose to buy the car. As history unfolded through research, they were glad they did. The black T-Bird (with red interior) was built Sept. 8, 1955, as one of three exports made that day. The new owners concluded…