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Old Cars Weekly May 1, 2021

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vacation reading

After a week-long vacation of sitting by the pool, it’s good to be back clicking the keyboard of my computer and typing about old cars and trucks again. While I was basking under warm sun rays, fellow Old Cars editors Mike Eppinger and Brian Earnest plugged away on filling this issue with Ford Mustang and Thunderbird stories. And although I may not have been working on Old Cars or old cars, I was certainly thinking about them, because does a gearhead ever really stop thinking about old iron? As my family was dodging sharks while swimming in the ocean, I was safely ashore hunting for a used truck from the sun belt and trying to catch up on my car book reading. My efforts to read all the books that have…

sound your horn

Cricket correction In your recent “Watching the Fords Go By” column featuring the Ford Pinto, there is an error. The Dodge Colt was indeed a Mitsubishi product, however the Plymouth Cricket was a British product, not Japanese, and based upon the Hillman. The Cricket lived a very short life and the Colt sold for many years. Adam Gockowski, Twinsburg, Ohio Recalling interesting ‘strippers’ For a couple years around 1980, a somewhat unique Studebaker Avanti appeared at the Old Cars swap meet and car show in Iola, Wis. The story was that the Studebaker dealer at Thorp, Wis., was “strongly advised” by the factory to order at least one of the Avanti types. Believing that there was no market for the sporty car in his dealer point area, he ordered a completely stripped-down example! The…

the scoop

Spring Jefferson returns April 22-25 JEFFERSON, Wis. _ The Spring Jefferson show and swap meet, a long-running fixture event on the spring calendar of old car enthusiasts in the Midwest, will return April 23-25 at the Jefferson County Fairgrounds. This year will mark the 44th year for Spring Jefferson which, like most big automotive events, fell victim to the pandemic last year. The event is a MECCA for parts hunters, vendors and car owners looking for a way to kick off their hobby season. More than 3,800 swap spaces are filled with vendors from all corners of the market, and the Car Corral is typically filled with hundreds of cars for sale from private owners. The Online Car Corral can be seen at www.madisonclassics.com/car-corral/. Swap spaces for this year’s event are sold…

aaca, mercury magazines tell surprising tales

Find Tuckers interesting? A recent issue of Reflections, the magazine is issued by the AACA Museum (Richard P. Sills, president), is one for Tucker fans. The issue features a grouping of items relating to the production of the scale model Tucker desk set. The piece brings four things to mind. First, the Tucker Automobile Club of America has a firm connection with the museum; second, the board of directors has a seat for Mark Lieberman, who is a key expert on the marque as club liaison; third, William “Bill” Cammack holds a seat as Cammack Position Alternate since a grand collection of Tucker items at the museum is there thanks to the Cammack name; and fourth, John R. Tucker, Jr., is also among directors (the surname alone speaks volumes). The issue recalls…

vintage ad of the week

We’re not sure what “Enchantment unlimited” means, but Ford copywriters thought it sounded good for this cool ad for the 1955 Thunderbird. As was often the case in advertisements of this era, we don’t actually have any real photos of the car in the ad, but there are three nicely done illustrations showing the T-bird in its various looks — soft top (above), topless, and hard top. All were said to add to “A distinguished kind of personal car that combines high performance and high style for a whole new world of driving fun.” Among the other features of the T-bird that the advertisement was happy to point out where the car’s roll-up windows, adjustable power seat and telescoping steering wheel. Ford churned out 16,155 of these beauties for 1955 with a…


Q. [Regarding the reader’s suggestion in the Feb. 15 Q&A,] a proposed whitewall tire cleaner of Lestoil and bleach 50:50 would be SEVERELY corrosive to the tire, wheel, fender and person applying it. I wouldn’t recommend it. Tires have protective oils which slowly migrate to the surface. Lestoil is a degreaser that would quickly strip away these oils deep into the tire. The tire, thus abused, would lose oxidation and ultraviolet radiation protection, so it would age quicker. According to its Safety Data Sheet, Lestoil contains lye, a strong alkali, with a pH of 12-13. Lye will soften or remove paint, whether on a wheel or inside a fender. Brushing creates spray, so more than the whitewall gets wetted. Paint on the wheel side of the fenders will be softened and lose…