Old Cars Weekly September 1, 2021

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insider’s guide to fall auburn 2021

One of the greatest automotive weekends in the old car hobby is Fall Auburn in Indiana. Where else can you hear, smell and see so many rare Auburns, Cords and Duesenbergs in motion, rumbling by the Art Deco factory showroom for those cars? It’s a prewar car lover’s euphoria that isn’t replicated anywhere else. In the last 20 years, I’ve been to Fall Auburn about a dozen times, because it’s one of the best automotive events in the United States — probably anywhere on the globe. Whether you’re looking to go to Fall Auburn for your first time or to experience some different activities for 2021, here are some of my must-visit stops to help make the experience great. 9th Street Experience: No matter what you do during the day, be in…

sound your horn

Citroën, not Messerschmitt Thanks for the interesting article on the World Micro Meet held recently at the Gilmore Car Museum. The caption for one of the photos stated that rides in a 1953 Messerschmitt Kabinenroller had been given at the event. For better or worse, the car pictured in the accompanying photo is not a Messerschmitt, but a Citroën Mehari. The Mehari shared the running gear of the 2CV and its other derivatives, but had a dune buggy-style body made of ABS plastic attached to metal framework. Color was molded into the plastic bodywork. Unlike the 2CV, which was never officially imported to the United States, a few Meharis were imported in 1969-1970. They were certified for sale as trucks, and lacked seat belts. That said, it would be fun to see a photo…

the scoop hobby news & views

ACD cars to meet for 66th Reunion AUBURN, Ind. _ The 66th annual Auburn Cord Duesenberg Club Reunion will return to Auburn, Ind., from Sept. 2-5. This year, the club will feature two themes: “Year of the Roaring Twenties” and “Celebrating Women Behind the Wheel,” guaranteeing many Auburns, Cords and Duesenbergs from the 1920s plus an assortment of ACD cars with interesting stories involving women. Several club events are planned around the ACD Automobile Museum, the National Auto & Truck Museum and downtown Auburn with many activities open to the public and prospective ACD Club members. These include a concert and nightly gatherings on 9th and Main Street in downtown Auburn. On Sept. 3, there will be a club swap meet from 7-10 a.m. at the Eckhart Park Skate/Pool parking lot and…

will 2021 mark the last sale at auction park?

AUBURN, Ind._ In early July of this year, an application was filed by Foresight Consulting, LLC, to turn the Auburn (Ind.) Auction Park into a sports complex, reported WANE, the CBS affiliate in Fort Wayne, Ind. The property has been listed for sale since 2019 by current owner RM Auctions, which will hold its 2021 Auburn Fall sale there over Labor Day Weekend from Sept. 2-5. The Auburn Auction Park was founded by Dean Kruse who held bi-annual collector vehicle auctions at the Auburn Auction Park. Kruse sold the property, located along Interstate 69 on the edge of Auburn, in 2010 to RM Auctions, which resumed fall and spring auctions at the park. Foresight Consulting, LLC, plans to convert part of the auction park to basketball courts, soccer fields and baseball diamonds.…

weathered wheels

This 289-cid, V-8-powered 1967 Comet Capri recently appeared on a trailer in Superior, Wis., reports “Weathered Wheels” tracker Steve Isola. “Judging on the condition, it has probably not been on the road for years and maybe stored outside. Vintage Cragar mags were a good choice then and now for this neat Mercury. It has some weeping surface rust, a couple creases and a tattered vinyl roof, but overall, looks like a good, solid basis for a restoration. I can see why someone has rescued it from wherever it has been sitting.... Not many people think of the Capri model for these. Most remember the Cyclone or Caliente.”…

three cheers for four top-notch club pubs

Car club publications advance the hobby by means of upgrades, special features and more. That is certainly the case with recent examples from The Bulb Horn (Vintage Motor Car Club of America, www.vmcca.org); The Self-Starter (Cadillac & LaSalle Club, www.cadillaclasalleclub.org); The Cormorant News Bulletin (Packard Automobile Classics, www.PackardClub.org); and Carhart Chronicle (Wisconsin Society of Automotive Historians, auto history.org). When VMCCA member David Dennis purchased his first old car (a 1931 Chevrolet cabriolet with landau bars), he probably never thought at age 14 that he had begun 70 years of ownership for a mere $100. Lots of fixes and upgrades traced the years. His brother shared in the early part of the story. A two-page color spread of a distinguished pose of the Chevy led the article with five addition pages carrying…