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welcome to july

There’s no surer a sign that you’ve graduated to adulthood than when you finally crack the art of barbecuing. Having the patience to wait for the coals to be actually hot, coordinating this with when guests arrive and when they expect to be fed, and then negotiating that complicated path of delivering just-cooked tender meat with nice, caramelised charry bits, without ending up cremating it. It’s seemingly a tough gig – and one I usually leave to anyone else who will take the baton, busying myself indoors instead, prepping salads and sauces, drinking cold tins of cider straight from the fridge. Chef’s perks, and all that. But when you break it down, it’s really not that hard. It just takes an understanding of the equipment – learning to have a hot…

cover star

Cheeseburger tacos 3 0 MINUTES | MAKES 8 | EASY | LC steak mince 500gonion 1 small, grated, juice squeezed outgarlic salt 1 tspsmoked paprika1/2 tspegg yolk 1oil for fryingcorn tortillas 8, charred on a BBQ or griddleLittle Gem lettuces 2, shreddedready-grated monterey jack 100g BURGER SAUCE mayonnaise 3 tbsptomato ketchup 1 tbspFrench’s american mustard 1 tbspgherkins finely chopped to make 2 tbsp, plus 1 tsp of brine from the jaronion finely chopped to make 1 tbspcaster sugar1/2 tsp PINK PICKLED ONIONS red wine vinegar 2 tbspcaster sugar 2 tspred onion 1, cut into thin roundsdried chilli flakes a pinch (optional) • Mix the burger sauce ingredients and leave to sit at room temperature while you prepare everything else. • Mix the vinegar and sugar then add the red onions with a pinch of salt and chilli flakes,…

summer supermarket awards 2019

HOW WE CHOSE THE WINNERS The Olive team chose 18 categories to showcase products that will enhance a summer BBQ or picnic. The supermarkets were invited to select the products they wanted to put forward in each category (we only allowed one entry per category, so they had to choose carefully). Every product was prepared according to pack instructions and our panel of judges tasted them blind, rating each on taste, texture and appearance. We awarded gold, silver and bronze winners. In some categories, where the standard was high, we awarded joint winners. BEST BBQ CONDIMENT By Sainsbury’s Spicy BBQ Sauce, £1.20/500g A crowd-pleasing classic BBQ sauce with smoke and spice. Aldi Skeeters New York Steakhouse BBQ Sauce, £1.29/350ml More like a burger relish than a sauce, we loved the crunchy textures and sharp flavour notes. BEST…


Cherry pie 1 HOUR 25 MINUTES + CHILLING SERVES 6 | EASY ready-made shortcrust pastry 500g (see cook’s notes)plain flour for dustingblack cherries 350g, pitted (if using frozen, defrost, then drain well)cherries in kirsch from a jar 100g after drainingvanilla bean paste or extract 1 tspcornflour 3 tbspicing sugar 4 tbsplemon ½, juicedegg 1, beatendemerara sugar 2 tbspsquirty cream to serve • Cut off1/3 of the pastry and put aside. Roll out the remaining2/3 on a lightly floured worksurface to the thickness of a £1 coin. Use a rolling pin to drape into a 20cm metal loose-bottomed straight-sided tin (3.5cm deep), ensuring it fits into the corners. Trim the edge to leave 1cm of overhanging pastry, then chill. Roll out the remaining pastry into a circle 1cm bigger than the tin, put onto…

california dreaming

Chipotle corn and shrimp cakes with soft boiled eggs 30 MINUTES + CHILLING SERVES 2 | EASY This is the ultimate weekend brunch; spicy shrimp cakes served with fragrant coriander oil, soft boiled eggs and parmesan shavings. floury potatoes 300g, peeled and cut into chunksraw peeled king prawns 120gsweetcorn kernels 40gsun-dried tomatoes in oil 30g drained weight, finely choppedchipotle paste 2 tbspcoriander leaves a large handful, roughly choppedeggs 3panko breadcrumbs 75glime 1, juicedolive oil 3 tbspbaby spinach 30gtoasted pine nuts 10gparmesan to serve • Put the potatoes into a large pan of lightly salted, cold water and bring to the boil. Turn down to a simmer and cook for 15-20 minutes or until the potatoes are tender. Drain really well, tip into a bowl with a little seasoning, mash and cool. • Cut the prawns…

get grilling !

Chilli, yogurt and oregano chicken wings 1 HOUR | SERVES 6 | EASY | GF I like to use a two-stage method for chicken wings, cooking them over indirect heat, then crisping them up at the last minute. This produces the best result – juicy wings with a little char on the skin. ground cumin 4 tsppaprika 4 tspcayenne pepper 4 tspfine sea salt 2 tspblack peppercorns crushed to make1/4 tspchicken wings 30, tips removed and jointedoregano a big handful, chopped YOGURT SAUCE garlic 6 cloves, crushedlemon juice 3 tbspnatural yogurt 300g • Prepare the BBQ for indirect cooking by banking up the coals on one side so that there is a hot side and a cooler side. • For the yogurt sauce, mix the garlic with the lemon juice in a bowl and set aside. • Combine…