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welcome to september

When it comes to food shopping, colour me predictable. I’ll often have the same storecupboard staples, my favourite fruit and veg, and the odd rogue ingredient that I need for a specific recipe. But when it comes to heading down the wine aisle, shelf after shelf groaning with bottles that I don’t recognise (and, dare I say it, even understand), I always panic buy. I’ll look for what’s on offer, fooling myself that I am bagging a bargain and not just being manipulated by a marketing message, or I’ll look for a familiar grape in a familiar country. I think I’m playing it safe, but the results don’t always pay off. And so, continuing our bid to make your life easier (and mine, too) we have launched the Olive Supermarket Wine…

wine supermarket awards 2019

We are thrilled to announced the launch of the Olive Supermarket Wine Awards. After undertaking research we discovered that 89% of you lovely lot buy your wine at supermarkets. But navigating those aisles isn’t always easy, is it? Do you instinctively grab your favourite grape or look for what’s on offer, and blindly hope it will cut the proverbial merlot? We created these awards to help you make the best choices during your weekly shop. Whether it’s an affordable vintage, a special-occasion showstopper or a hump-day deal, these awards will help you drink better and will give a shout out to the supermarkets at the top of their wine game. HOW WE CHOSE THE WINNERS The Olive team chose 20 categories for own-brand and retailer-exclusive supermarket wines, covering different grape varietals, styles…

olive loves...

CHOCOLATES Pierre Marcolini’s latest collection infuses rich ganache with rare tea for a dainty box of chocs. £19.90/ 190g, eu.marcolini.com CRACKERS We love the snap of these seeded sourdough crackers – pile on the cheddar and chutney. £2.45/135g, Waitrose SERVING BOARD Super lightweight and sustainably made compact laminate – serve your sliced sourdough on this stylish board. £30, linddna.com TEAPOT Delicate white lines on this 70s-style teapot make for a retro kitchen addition. £34, oliverbonas.com WATER BOTTLE Compact and leak-proof, this nifty bottle collapses when you don’t need it. £25, anthropologie.com CROCKERY Colourful side plates inspired by paper-cut collages. £5, Habitat NUTS You can thank the Philippines for the little-known and ridiculously buttery pili nut. £2.99/50g, Sainsbury’s CHOCOLATE CUPS Salty almond or hazelnut butter coated in smooth chocolate makes for a sweet vegan snack. £1.35/30g, Whole Foods COASTER Take David Shrigley’s advice and make yourself another brew.…


Gazpacho with cheesy pesto croutons 35 MINUTES + CHILLING SERVES 4 | EASY | V LC tomatoes 1kg very ripe, choppedcucumber ½, dicedgreen pepper 1, dicedgarlic 1 clove, choppedextra-virgin olive oil 3 tbsp, plus extra to servesherry vinegar 4 tbsp, plus a little extraTabasco a few dashescaster sugar 1 tspblack peppercorns crushed to make ¼ tspsea salt flakes 1 tbsp, plus a little extrabasil a small bunch, chopped CROUTONS sourdough 2 thick slices, cut into chunky croutonsgarlic 2 cloves, bashedextra-virgin olive oil 2 tbspfresh pesto 4 tbspmanchego (or veggie alternative) 50g, finely grated • Tip all of the ingredients for the gazpacho into a large bowl and mix well. Cover and chill for 4-5 hours or overnight. • Use a stick blender or food processor to whizz the gazpacho mixture until very smooth, adding more salt…

get goan!

Hirwa kolambi kalwan 35 MINUTES | SERVES 4 EASY | LC GF A vibrant green coconut prawn curry with chilli, coriander and curry leaves. I’ve used shell-on prawns as they add so much flavour, although you could make this with shelled prawns as well. large whole shell-on raw prawns 12ground turmeric ½ tspvegetable oil 2 tbspgreen bird’s-eye chilli 1, slit lengthwisecurry leaves 10-12 (see cook’s notes)coconut milk 400mlcaster sugar a pinchtamarind paste 3 tbspcoriander leaves chopped to make 1 tbsp PASTE onion ½, roughly choppedcoriander a large bunch, leaves and stems choppedgarlic 5 cloves, roughly choppedginger a thumb-sized piece, roughly choppedgreen bird’s-eye chilli 1 • Put the prawns, turmeric and a pinch of salt into a bowl and toss well. • Put the paste ingredients and 70ml of water into a blender or food processor and whizz…

tour de france

Calvados and apple granité 30 MINUTES + COOLING + FREEZING | SERVES 4 | EASY | GF I had this light, surprisingly punchy, dessert after a platter of local fruits de mer in Normandy, a region that certainly knows its fruit. It’s also surprisingly good served with another regional delicacy, camembert. Note that though calvados, or apple brandy, is the best choice, any brandy will work here. Bramley apples 800g, cored and cut into chunksapple juice 900mldemerara sugar 60gcider vinegar 1 tbspcalvados to serve • Put a shallow metal roasting tin into the freezer. Put all of the ingredients except the calvados into a pan and bring to the boil. Simmer gently until the apples have broken down to a pulp, then push through a fine sieve, getting out as much juice as possible. •…