Our State: Celebrating North Carolina

February 2022

Through compelling narrative stories and jaw-dropping photography, Our State magazine celebrates everything that makes our state great! Each month, we reflect the beauty of North Carolina, tell the stories of its amazing people and its remarkable history, and suggest wonderful places to visit. We are unabashedly in love with the Tar Heel State, and every page is designed to be an inspiring tribute to where we live.

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finding a calling

Our telephone, a beige Western Electric with a rotary dial, held a place of honor in our old house in Asheboro: perched in a built-in phone nook in the hallway. It was hardwired into the wall, and, persuaded by that Bell Systems TV commercial to “reach out; reach out and touch someone,” I’d camp out in the hall after supper and call someone from school. I had my own personal address book, pink vinyl with a Holly Hobbie illustration on the cover. My grandmother had a metal, flip-style directory with a slide that corresponded to the alphabet and a button that popped the cover open to the last name. I loved that thing. She used it for phone numbers, but also recorded details like birthdays and anniversaries in it. In our…

musicians who move us

1 Eva Narcissus Boyd of Belhaven recorded big hits such as “The Loco-Motion,” which made it to No. 1 in the U.S. in 1962, when she was using which stage name? A. Queen of PopB. Little EvaC. Queen of Soul 2 Joseph Fulp, who came from a family of musicians, was born near Walnut Cove in the late 1800s. Fulp was known for his skill on which string instrument that has African roots? A. UkuleleB. BanjoC. Fiddle 3 Rhythm and blues singer-songwriter Fantasia Barrino is a member of the North Carolina Music Hall of Fame and performed in The Color Purple on Broadway. Barrino got her big break in 2004 by winning which television competition? A. The VoiceB. America’s Got TalentC. American Idol 4 Legendary jazz musicianJohn Coltrane performed with other greats, like Miles Davis and…


A Fruitful Holiday I just wanted to thank you for the fond memories from the story by Susan Stafford Kelly (“Toys We Treasured,” December, page 104). I got fruit and nuts in the toe of my stocking when I was a girl, so I did the same for my children. They never liked the nuts, so I stopped putting those in the stockings. When they got to be teenagers, they informed me I could stop putting fruit in their stockings, too. They never ate it, and they claimed that I was just trying to take up space in the toe. The next year, I went to the dollar store and purchased plastic fruit for each stocking. We all got a good laugh from that, and I was able to use the…


SPREAD VALENTINE’S CHEER Oh, the joy of Valentine’s Day in elementary school! Decorated bags and boxes stuffed with candy and treats. The anticipation of passing out cards to your peers. Love in Action, a volunteer-run project in Charlotte, shares those feelings of care and friendship every February 14 by giving handmade valentines to residents who could use a smile. Since 2010, the organization has distributed more than 80,000 cards during their Love Occupy event to senior citizens in long-term care facilities, Meals on Wheels recipients, and homeless people. Tawanda Robbins, the founder of Love in Action, says, “We believe that whatever we want to receive, we must give first.” —Michelle Kurilla To learn more about the Love in Action project, visit facebook.com/iamlovenaction. Write with thoughtfulness: Set aside time to tell your recipients that you’re thinking of…


COUNTY: Scotland POPULATION: 15,000 MEDIAN AGE: 38 PARTICIPANT: Tree City USA since 1980 Even after Chris English left his hometown of Laurinburg to attend college in the mountains, he still considered himself a Fighting Scot. The mascot for Scotland County’s only public high school represents an area rich in Scottish heritage. “It’s really not unique to us,” English says, “but we just kind of own it. I’ve always been proud of being from here.” That pride stems largely from Scotland High School, where the marching band is known for wearing tartan kilts, and Friday night football shuts down the town as business owners cheer on the team. “That ‘fighting,’ to me, is a key thing,” says English, who now serves as executive director of the Laurinburg Chamber of Commerce. “We’re fighting to…

black history month

SACRED SOUL OF NORTH CAROLINA • FOUNTAIN Jerome Johnson is on fire, shouting, stomping his feet, clasping a handkerchief in one hand and a microphone in the other. “Right now!” he calls out over a frenzied organ, pounding drums, and a walking bass line that bounces between his testifying and hisbrothers’ background vocal responses of “Come on!” Collectively known as The Johnsonaires, Jerome, Toney, James, and Calvin Johnson of Greenville are in the zone, hand-clapping their way to salvation during a spirit-shaker of a song caught live on video during the recording of a new CD compilation, Sacred Soul of North Carolina. In February 2020, The Johnsonaires and 10 other little-known gospel groups from the eastern part of the state gathered for eight days in a small storefront studio in downtown…