November 2020

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shred to toe

Picture Demain jacket $500 The Demain is constructed from the same groundbreaking sugarcane waste and recycled plastic as Picture’s Aeron (see page 15).The new mechanically stretched waterproof membrane is light and solvent-free, which makes for a shell with all the bells and whistles—pit zips, powder skirt, taped seams—and far less guilt. Jones Stratos snowboard $579 A sphinx among snowboards, the Jones Stratos has a park deck’s tail, a powder gun’s tapered body, a resort ripper’s sidecut and flex, and a surfboard’s bottom contour. But this all-mountain deck is no myth. “It’s a great surf shape that can be ridden anywhere,” according to one impressed tester. a. Burton AK Gore-Tex 3L Freebird Stretch bibs $580 A highlight of Burton’s high-end outerwear line, the Freebird bibs pair three-layer Gore-Tex dependability with snowboard-friendly fit and features. Seven zippered…

beyond the breakfast burrito

IF YOU’RE LIKE us, you’ve probably out-grown sugary yogurts and breakfast cereals. But recently, young brands have reimagined old-school morning options into nutrient-packed power meals. The market is eating it up. Last year, Magic Spoon, a direct-to-consumer cereal brand, received $5.5 million in seed funding. And cottage-cheese maker Good Culture raised $8 million. Beyond serving up nostalgia (if it’s possible to feel nostalgic about the chalky cottage cheese of yore), the new offerings fast-track fueling on harried mornings. “They give people an easy way to fit in a satisfying breakfast,” says Marisa Moore, a registered dietitian nutritionist in Atlanta. “Top with a drizzle of nut butter and some fruit, and you’re all set.” Here are some of our favorites. The Cereal School $30 for 12 servings These individually packaged servings are aimed at…

what’s wrong with jeb’s brain?

ON A WARM, BREEZY FEBRUARY DAY IN 2000, JEB CORLISS STRAPPED ON A PARACHUTE AND STEPPED TO THE EDGE OF A 310 -FOOT SANDSTONE CLIFF IN SOUTH AFRICA. To Corliss’s left, the Umgeni River poured green and clear off the cliff to become Howick Falls, a gargantuan shaft of water that crashed off rock ledges and thundered into a deep pool below. Straight ahead, in the direction Corliss intended to soar after opening his parachute, whitewater rapids flowed into a forested valley. Corliss knew that big waterfalls can create enough air turbulence to destabilize a parachute, but he was 23 years old at the time, relatively new to the sport and driven by hungers and agonies he hadn’t begun to name. Corliss had not yet honed his judgment through two decades as…

walk therapy

IT WAS DURING her first solo backpacking trip in 2017 that Grizel realized how far she’d come, and how ready she was for change. The then 26-year-old mental health therapist (who goes by her first name professionally) was on an eight-day hike on California’s High Sierra Trail when a violent storm hit in the middle of the night. It rained and hailed like nothing she’d seen before—and she’d grown up in Miami. Until she went on that trip, Grizel had been a self-described timid person and casual hiker. But after surviving a sexual assault earlier in the year, she set her mind on a solo hike, hoping the experience would be empowering and transformative. “You think you’re going to die,” she says of the aftermath of the assault. “I wanted to…

taylor rees

In 2015, photojournalist and filmmaker Rees moved to Summit Park, Utah, to live with her partner, Renan Ozturk, and found a mountain bike waiting for her. She’d never ridden one before—and the learning process involved “a lot of falling”—but she soon came to love the sport. At the same time, she was pursuing increasingly ambitious work as a documentary filmmaker, directing more of her own projects. “It was an exciting transition time,” she remembers. “I was learning and failing at figuring out my role in the creative process in the same way I was learning and failing and falling on my mountain bike.” Ozturk snapped this photo on the Stansbury Island Trail at the edge of the Great Salt Lake.…

dan winters

Winters has flown all over the world for his work, photographing everyone from Tom Hanks to the Dalai Lama. In this 2019 photo, taken by his wife, Kathryn, he’s submerged in the icy waters of Lake Lucerne in Switzerland, where he travels every other year for a photography festival. But while the pandemic has put major travel plans on hold, Winters has relished smaller outings near his home in Austin, Texas, like mountain biking and harvesting honey from his bees. “A lot of the time, the sense of adventure comes from within,” he says. “A short hike outside the city can yield just as much satisfaction as the saddle of the Matterhorn.”…