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watts cooking?!

IF YOU needed any more proof that Aussie women are WORLD-BEATERS in the looks department, look no further than Naomi Watts. In her new film, The Wolf Hour, the talented actrine looks GROUSE nude in the bath – even though she’s playing a PARANOID SHUT-IN. It’s bloody hard to believe that Naomi has just turned 51. Heck – we still remember seeing her 25-year-old JIMMY SMITS in their BREAK-OUT role, the 1993 Aussie film Gross Misconduct (above right) which, coincidentally, STARRED Jimmy Smits). So good on ya, Naomi. You’ve made us Aussies – and our tockos – STAND PROUD.…

beth addict

‘I LOVE MY BREETS!’ SHE may only be 23, but after five fantastic tits-out years Beth Lily has become PIN-UP ROYALTY. But this skin-flashing QUEEN doesn’t sport a crown and sceptre. No! She just wields majestic 32GG all-natural plapps! The stunning Brit – who puts the SEX into Essex – once told a journo that her funniest modelling moment took place at a summer shoot: “I was parading around outside all day. Unfortunately, we didn’t bank on the neighbours having a big garden PARTY with all their friends. We couldn’t pack up and leave, so they just had to cop an EYEFUL of a topless gal splashing in the pool. I think they rather enjoyed it!” We’re certain they did! Beth has a huge online presence and loves interacting with her 150,000+ followers on Twitter…

full frontal

RIPPER RITA YOU BOOTY! PEOPLE are always banging on about the awesome-liciousness of Rita Ora’s BOOBS, but those people probably don’t know about the 28-year-old Pom’s HIDDEN TALENT…her RIDONKULOUS RUMP. The full-time EXHIBITIONIST/part-time pop singer put it all on display while enjoying the boating life off the coast of Ibiza. NOT SHABBY, GABI! ONE IN A BRAZILIAN WHILE we were cleaning out the work shitters, we had a STROKE of good fortune when we CAME ACROSS the December 2014 issue of South American Sexy magazine. Gabi Levinnt is the bulbous-bottomed Brazo on the cover and her beaut SPREAD made our dunnies even FILTHIER. MOVIE MAMS WET HERRING YOU might have seen Californian actrine Christie Herring, 23, in the 2016 teevee series Roadies. Actually… you probably didn’t because there wasn’t any nudity in the drama-comedy. Thankfully, her new movie,…

crazy commutes

FLOODY HELL: Get your timing wrong while driving along Passage de Gois on the French coast and you could find yourself underwater! The road is a metre below sea level and floods twice a day with the tide! Cars have been washed away, so remember to bring a snorkel! TRAFFIC JAM IT!: The next time you get stuck in traffic, just count your lucky stars you’re not on the G4 Beijing-Hong Kong-Macau Expressway. The FIFTY-LANE MOTORWAY is notorious for traffic jams that last for DAYS! YA GOAT’A BE KIDDING: Zojila Pass in India is 3500m high and vehicles have to share the narrow road with livestock. Go slow (REAL SLOW) and enjoy the undies-staining view. TRAIN STRAIN: Indian commuters have moved beyond wor rying about “standing room only” on their trains. They’re just…

fans of ann

‘WHAT YOU SEE ON FILM IS ME AND NOT AN ALTER EGO CREATED JUST FOR FILM’ SOME long-time employees get given a GOLDEN WATCH after decades of service with the one company. We reckon porn legend Julia Ann should receive similar recognition for her 27 years of HOT HUMPING in the adult film industry, although it’d probably come in the shape of a GOLDEN DILDO. She made her dugs-out debut in 1992: “I was on the road dancing with Janine Lindemulder as BLONDAGE, and we were trying to figure out how to make more money. Janine said, ‘This director wants to shoot me, so I want you to meet him, too, and we’ll do our first movie together,’ and that was Hidden Obsessions by Andrew Blake.” Since then, the 49-year-old LA native has…

sex a-peel!

A RECENT scientific study – conducted by People staffers at some local STRIP CLUBS over a period of several months – has found that Australia contains the MOST BEAUTIFUL, TALENTED EXOTIC DANCERS IN THE WORLD! To back up our findings, we’re publishing a fully illustrated, FULLY NUDE report in this very issue. QE-fuckin’-D, readers! Now, some negative ninnies have questioned our educational qualifications, even going so far as to claim that we’re not...y’know, actually SCIENTISTS. To which we say, “Piss off, ya dicks! We’re wearing WHITE LAB COATS and holding CLIPBOARDS!” Now, if you don’t mind, we’re off to conduct ANOTHER scientific study to learn whether drinking TWENTY SCHOOIES in an arvo will get you DRUNK. Science is beaut, eh.…