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February/March 2022

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Hello and welcome to the last issue of the year! I don’t know about you, but 2021 has felt like an absolute blur. It seems like only yesterday that we were coming out of a Coronavirus Christmas into an uncertain new year, and you know what? 2021 seemed pretty okay for the most part though I’m typing this with a few weeks of the year left, and I don’t want to jinx things… Obviously, from a car point of view, it was great to be able to get out to some shows, enjoy the scene, meet up with old friends and just get out and about with our cars! And those summer memories feel especially warm and cosy right now, with winter in full effect and absolutely disgusting weather outside…

a pace odyssey

It’s fair to say that you don’t see many Pacemans around, either on the road or in the mag, but that doesn’t mean this slightly more unusual MINI doesn’t have its fans with Dave Mayo being one of them, and he’s built himself something truly individual. “Since the release of the BMW MINI back in the early 2000s I have been a big fan! The shape, design and link to its heritage were just on point. The Paceman is actually the seventh MINI I’ve owned, from the first R53s to R55, R56, R60 and an R57 (my wife’s current runabout), and now the Paceman… Saving the best till last,” he grins. “I’ve modified all my previous MINIs, from my first R53 with upgraded performance to stage 2, and some light body modifications…


MINI SHADOW EDITION Following its introduction on the MINI Clubman and Countryman in early 2021, the Shadow Edition is now available to order on the MINI Hatch, Convertible and MINI Electric. Offered exclusively to the UK market, the Shadow Edition has a Midnight black metallic exterior paint colour, with contrasting Silver roof and mirror caps and Piano black exterior, creating a dramatic and streamlined look. The Shadow Edition for MINI Hatch and Convertible is based on the Sport trim level, while the MINI Electric Shadow Edition is based on the Level 3 model. All models benefit from special edition graphics on the bonnet, integrated scuttle trim and the A-panel, while MINI Hatch also includes the Shadow logo on the lower roof. Inside, the Shadow Edition has Anthracite headlining and a Piano…

new gear

SCORPION 4 INTO 1 R50/R53 EXHAUST MANIFOLD From £467.62 Working as technical partners with MINI Challenge UK for many years, Scorpion has a fair case that its 4 into 1 R50/R53 manifold could be the ideal option for those looking to maximise performance. Used for the past two years on all of the Cooper-class cars, the manifold is constructed from T304 stainless steel and comes with the option of sports catalyst or de-cat which can be easily interchanged due to the flanged fitment. The manifold is interchangeable with Scorpion’s ever-popular cat-back systems or the OEM exhaust and comes supplied with a full fitting kit including gaskets. AUTO FINESSE WONDER WOOL WHEEL BRUSHES From £14.95, pack of all three sizes £45.95 UK car care expert Auto Finesse has just dropped a whole load of new detailing gear, and…

boost junkie

Opting for forced induction with the R53 Cooper S was a big-brain play by MINI. It meant a small engine could output a decent amount of power without having to be a high-revving unit, along with plenty of torque, and choosing supercharging over a turbo made it a unique offering among its rivals. Naturally, factory forced induction also meant that when it came to extracting more performance from the 1.6-litre four-pot, options were plentiful, and gains were impressive. However, while superchargers are great at delivering lag-free power and the MINI’s positive displacement setup serves up a lovely spread of torque, if you’re hunting for really big numbers then turbos rule the roost. That’s why, when you lift the bonnet of Oliver Aitken’s R53 you will find a snail in place…

supermini uk ltd

So how long has SuperMini been around? I started the company in 2015, and we celebrated our sixth anniversary in October. You worked for Lexus before – what made you decide to go it alone and sell MINIs? I was at Lexus for 10 years, and I was made redundant on December 7 at 35 years old. I’d been selling cars since I was 17, and people had always been telling me I should do it myself, and now I had the opportunity to do just that. I bought a MINI for £400, cleaned it up, fixed a few bits and sold it a week later for £900. Then I bought another, did the same, and by March, I had 12 cars on the drive for sale. Whenever we had MINIs in stock…