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From an extraordinary converted convent in the romantic English countryside, to the art-filled Manila sanctuary of a renowned gallery owner, the second edition of Tatler Homes Philippines is a delightful compilation of some of the world’s most beautiful houses.

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a renewed awareness

In today’s world where our priorities have truly shifted, we ask ourselves: what does luxury still mean? Currently, survival seems to be of the utmost importance, crystallised by our ability to pivot and to adapt to changing times. I can’t help but think of the centuries-old bamboo forests that I walked through in Japan, early last December. In a time when travel was freely accessible, and the days were still relatively carefree, the enormous bamboo shoots stood towering and majestic, not just surviving the elements and an explosive history, but thriving through it all. It seems as though the qualities of bamboo could be applied to us today. Nowadays, luxury for me is about the ability to endure, to be steadfast and versatile. In the context of the home, this is…

close to nature

THRONE OF POWER This inviting rattan chair with a touch of teal highlights the power of its curves. Designed by Angelo Cadungog for the Cebuano furniture brand Finali, the Stade lounge chair easily converts into a bookshelf with its hollow armrests, perfect for leisure reading or crafting. www.finalifurniture.com.ph STYLE REBORN A subsidiary of Pampanga’s pride, JB Woodcraft, JB+ debuted at the recent Maison & Objet Paris. The brand continues the family’s legacy of creating ultra-detailed woodcarving with a contemporary vibe. This Alcornoque Heron decor piece, for instance, exhibits the mastery of woodcarving techniques and makes use of two-toned asymmetrical colour block for a modern flair. www.jbwoodcraft.com GOLDEN BLOOMS Amp your dining room with this bold 26-piece floral-inspired LED lighting fixture handforged in steel, and finished in rich gold and black. www.venzonlighting.com UNDER THE SEA Handmade from natural crushed stone and…

step into the home office

Happy Ongpauco-Tiu She is the CEO of Happy Concept Group. As a lifetime foodie, restaurateur and a professionally-trained chef, as well as a loving mother and wife, Ongpauco-Tiu is really left with not much room for downtime. With four boys and a husband at home, she still manages to run all her restaurants and food concepts—and even found a way to start a new table-flatware project! “I am busier now,” she confesses. “I am homeschooling my sons too. It is so exhausting. I need coffee to really wake up; I have three to four cups a day. I manage my household and my businesses at home so it is a big workload. My schedule is really more hectic.” How do you stay focused when working from home? Personal space is important. The kids even…

tatler’s guide to luxe gift-giving

The Foodie SERVE IT UP Serve hors d’oeuvres or charcuterie on Crate & Barrel’s gorgeous serving board. Made from teak root and swirled resin, this exclusive piece features a striking marbled vein that gently cuts through the board. Using contrasting colours, the global home label puts a delightful finishing touch to the Enzo white serving board that will surely make it a conversation piece. www.crateandbarrel.com.ph MAKE THE CUT Expert bladesmiths have crafted these stylish knives from Nacionale Bladeworks. Inspired by traditional Japanese cookware, this nakiri knife, or vegetable knife, comes in Damascus steel and a mesmerising green and gold handle. Nacionale Bladeworks also offers a light cleaver with a digital camouflage design on the handle. Both come with a heavy duty ballistic nylon case and a magnetic knife guard — the perfect accessories for…

redefining luxury

Over the past several months, the general concept of modern living has undergone drastic—even irrevocable—changes affecting the way the world thinks about comfort, convenience and luxury. The home, ever the centre of human existence, gains even greater importance as it serves as a sanctuary, a haven. But the role of the home has also evolved. On top of being a sanctuary, it must now also serve as both workplace and a classroom for many families. The home’s new roles have challenged rather than daunted many real-estate firms who specialise in residential developments—and several have risen above the rest in redefining the concept of luxurious living. They have expanded the concept to include the provision of ample space in which to live, work and play; the addition of green spaces and other amenities…

ready for a luxurious future

The question of what the future holds is one that has been frequently banded about in an increasingly uncertain world. However, if you pose the question to the team at Filigree, they will tell you that the homeowners at their various developments in Manila’s southern suburbs are bound to enjoy a life characterised by comfort, convenience, luxury and sustainability. RETHINKING THE MEANING OF LUXURY “Filigree has always been forward thinking, keeping in mind the needs of its clients through well-considered locations, design, spaces and abundance of greens,” Filigree’s deputy head, Daphne Sanchez, says of the company’s residential enclaves. Indeed, what has put Filigree communities top of mind for discerning homebuyers is the way it defines luxury. Instead of focusing on opulence or building things on a massive scale, the company considers being able…