Planet Mindful Issue 10

Planet Mindful magazine brings you eight issues a year of wonderful, friendly advice on how to slow things down, strengthen your relationships and treasure your mental health and wellbeing. Each issue is divided into three sections: Mind & Body, Relationships and Living. We hope you’ll enjoy what we’ve crafted as we bring you the ideas and trends that are longer-lasting and more powerful as tools in keeping you happy.

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welcome to planet mindful

HELLO! I’M DELIGHTED to be taking over from Louise Chunn as the new editor and we send her our thanks and best wishes for the future. The future… it’s a funny place – sometimes it’s a land of worrying possibilities, but it can also be a blank canvas full of amazing potential. I, for one, am excited for the future of Planet Mindful as a place that brings together a variety of voices – wellbeing experts, new books, creative people – to offer you mindful inspiration and hopefully play a small part in your wellbeing journey. Looking back on my own journey, it feels like I’ve been preparing for this role for 20 years! That’s how long I’ve worked in magazines, but the fast pace and throwaway culture has sometimes left…

what is mindfulness?

1 ONE SIZE DOESN’T FIT ALL We’re all different and there are infinite ways to ‘do’ mindfulness, so however you do it is up to you. You might also prefer different approaches on different days when you’re in a different mood. As long as it feels right for you, that’s all that matters. You can do it by yourself, with someone else (such as a friend or a loved one) or with a whole room full of people. It’s brilliantly versatile. 2 SLOW DOWN The first step towards mindfulness is to slow down and take a step back (either physically, mentally or emotionally) from the busy blur of life. If you like, you can continue with what you’re doing, but more slowly and purposefully. If you prefer, you can stop completely – a…

kindness starts with you

12 WAYS TO BE KINDER TO YOURSELF 1 LET YOUR SOUL SING While it can be tempting to rush headlong into your day’s ‘to-do’ list, just like batteries, we need to recharge – regularly. And on a soul/mind/body level, that means finding the things that nourish you; the activities and passions that make you shine bright. The invitation to kindness here is to allow yourself to do something just for the pleasure of it, whether that’s taking a dip in the sea or walking around your favourite park. Even a few fleeting moments spent cloud gazing or snuggling your pet can give you a boost. 2 Show kindness to others All kinds of websites have popped up in recent years tapping into the fuzzy feels we get by helping others. Volunteering your time and…


Practising mindful moments throughout your day can help to ground you in the present moment and reduce anxiety. This printable ‘My Mindful Day’ planner is full of quick mindful activities, breathing exercises and pause prompts to help calm your busy mind and find peace. £1.50, Finding small bursts of positivity throughout the day are key to developing a happier life. LSW Mind Cards help you do this with a variety of techniques, such as random acts of kindness, daily rituals and pausing to check in on your thoughts and feelings. Get ready to be guided towards a more fulfilling life. £14.99 from Looking good and feeling good can go hand in hand, so we love meaningful accessories like this bangle. Made from stainless steel, this contemporary piece features a hidden…

through the looking glass

COMMUNICATION RESTS AT the core of every civilisation. From cave paintings to oral storytelling, we’ve always sought ways to share our own narratives and invent fables that interpret the world we live in, offer escapism or show us better ways to behave. Stories give us the means to feel connected with those around us – but more than that, they provide a path towards understanding ourselves. In 1994, three friends discovered the Chauvet Cave in the Ardéche department of France. It contained more than 1,000 paintings of wild animals and hunting scenes dating as far back as 36,000 years. The prehistoric artwork suggests that sharing stories may be one of our earliest societal traits. Ever since we learned to build fires, we’ve sat around them telling stories to enchant, amaze and, in…

imagine the scene…

YOU WAKE Up in a bed that is not yours. Sunlight is easing through the lace curtains and falling in warm dapples across your pillow. The bed is comfortable, and you feel safe here. A colourful patchwork blanket covers the sheets. Its fabric is silky and the stitches are smooth ridges beneath your palms. Some of the fragments are familiar from the outfits you wore as a child. Perhaps there is a hexagon cut from a favourite top you wore to a party or a scrap from a blanket that you used to hold to your cheek. You scan the room – a bedside table holding a much-read book that once brought you comfort, the wallpaper patterned with pleasing motifs, a dresser holding items that are not yours but bring to…