Planet Mindful Issue 13

Planet Mindful magazine brings you eight issues a year of wonderful, friendly advice on how to slow things down, strengthen your relationships and treasure your mental health and wellbeing. Each issue is divided into three sections: Mind & Body, Relationships and Living. We hope you’ll enjoy what we’ve crafted as we bring you the ideas and trends that are longer-lasting and more powerful as tools in keeping you happy.

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welcome to planet mindful

CHANGE IS ALL AROUND US right now, not just in terms of world events but also in nature. Although I never welcome the end of summer, once autumn is in full swing I love the feeling of crisp, cold air on my face and the sound of burntred leaves crunching beneath my feet. Our cover feature this issue (p18) reflects all that is beautiful about this season and delves into the history of our human connection with trees and their importance to us and the planet. Another beautiful thing that I love about this time of year is the opportunity to slow down and reflect, and to start preparing my home for cosy nights by the fire and hearty feasts around the table. For many of us, our homes have become…

what is mindfulness?

1 ONE SIZE DOESN’T FIT ALL We’re all different and there are infinite ways to ‘do’ mindfulness, so however you do it is up to you. You might also prefer different approaches on different days, depending on the kind of mood you’re in. As long as it feels right for you, that’s all that matters. You can do it by yourself, with someone else (such as a friend or a loved one) or with your whole family. It’s brilliantly versatile. 2 SLOW DOWN The first step towards mindfulness is to slow down and take a step back (either physically, mentally or emotionally) from the busy blur of life. If you like, you can continue with what you’re doing but more slowly and purposefully. If you prefer, you can stop completely – a still…

ways to slow down: medidation

We live in a world where we are consistently bombarded with information, visual stimulation and noise. Taking time in your day for meditation gives you an opportunity to clear your mind, bring awareness to your thoughts and in doing so achieve mental clarity and a sense of calm. When we think about the concept of meditation, we often visualise a fixed session of practise, but this doesn’t have to be the case. Taking just a few minutes to sit quietly and focus on your breathing is enough to lower your stress levels, focus your mind and bring you ‘into the moment’, free from distracting or unhelpful thoughts. If you have a very noisy inner voice, it may help to listen to a guided meditation to help you relax into it and reap…

how to develop a positive mindset

1 LOOK AFTER YOUR BODY “Positive thinking begins with feeling positive. One of the best ways to feel positive is to exercise. Exercising releases endorphins – the ‘feel good’ hormones. This short term benefit is coupled with the long term benefits of a change in body composition. It’s a constant influx of happiness which will inevitably keep you thinking positive. Just don’t forget to couple it with a healthy diet, which makes you feel good mentally, as well as physically. Your body will be happy that you are supplying it with the proper vitamins and minerals, ultimately leaving you feeling more energised and productive.” International fitness instructor, Jeff Kloepping ( 2 Be Kind To Yourself “Practise noticing how you talk to yourself and switch that inner dialogue to be kind and supportive. Your inner…

forest therapy

STEPPING INTO WOODLAND is a feeling like no other. That sense of history, the deep connection with nature and the power of being surrounded by living things that help keep us alive – walking among trees is both grounding and therapeutic. Calming, mystical, majestic and nourishing, trees speak to the human soul – and there has never been a moment in living memory where that desire to immerse ourselves in nature has been stronger. The history of our bond with trees goes back centuries, where traditionally, livelihood, nourishment, safety and shelter have all been provided by our native forests. No other natural habitat has offered so much to humans, but we’ve not always treated it with the respect it deserves. Throughout history, England’s ancient forests have been depleted to provide building…

woodland wanders

Kielder Forest, Northumberland England’s largest forest, Kielder, stretches over 250 square miles. This vast, beautiful woodland is home to a huge variety of native wildlife, including roe deer, otter, red squirrels and badgers. New Forest, Hampshire Atmospheric and breath-taking, this ancient woodland – once a royal hunting preserve and now a thriving working forest, teaming with wildlife – has so much to explore, and fall in love with. Tollymore Forest Park, Co Down With the River Shimna flowing through the forest, this woodland is as beautiful as it is calming. If it looks familiar, that might be because it’s been a regular filming location for Game of Thrones. Glen Finglas, Stirling Home to some of Scotland’s oldest trees, Glen Finglas also boasts stunning waterfalls, lochs and heathland. Best of all, many of the routes are accessible for…