Planet Mindful Issue 16

Planet Mindful magazine brings you eight issues a year of wonderful, friendly advice on how to slow things down, strengthen your relationships and treasure your mental health and wellbeing. Each issue is divided into three sections: Mind & Body, Relationships and Living. We hope you’ll enjoy what we’ve crafted as we bring you the ideas and trends that are longer-lasting and more powerful as tools in keeping you happy.

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It feels like we have waited forever for spring to arrive this year. But with each new bud and sound of birdsong comes renewed hope for the future – sunny days spent with friends and family, hugging loved ones tight, celebrating special occasions and visiting the places we love. The pandemic has certainly taken its toll on our mental health, and as we slowly journey down the road to normality, let’s make this a time for healing. Before we rush back into our old ways, let us stop and take stock of what we want to embrace and what we want to let go of. Let’s use the lessons we have learnt about ourselves and what really matters to us to live happier, more fulfilled lives. Turn to our self care…


Kiran Aldridge British-Asian Kiran has written for The Guardian, Daily Telegraph and The Independent. She explores the issue of empathy on p34 this issue. Vex King Best-selling author Vex King talks about overcoming a traumatic childhood and how he’s turned his life around on p98. Rachel England Rachel is a sustainability writer and author of new book, Everyday Activism. She outlines how we can reduce the impact of our periods on the planet on p50. Emily Doe Emily runs pilates and movement workshops and is founder of Movement Foundation. Read her advice on staying active whilst working from home on p84. Laura Silverman A freelance writer with a passion for nature, Laura shares her insights on seasonal eating on p60, and planting trees on p64. Kimberley Johnson Has the pandemic helped to combat the climate crisis, or made it worse? Kimberley…

the happy place

“Spring is the time of plans and projects.”LEO TOLSTOY The big awakening It's the season of renewal – a time when we emerge from the dark winter months and take stock of what is making us happy – and what is not. “Emotional clutter can accrue just like bric-a-brac, clothes, shoes, furniture, and cooking utensils – all that stuff that clutters your physical space. Similarly, emotional clutter most often comes from stress that clogs our psyche," says Psychology Today. Think about what might be causing you stress or holding you back – is it your inability to say no? Your messy finances? Or is it your relationships? Use the spring months to do some work on yourself and be honest with yourself about what you need to change. IN A PICKLE Making your own…

12 ways to stay connected

1 Connect with yourself “If you’re not able to go outside to meet people, why not go inside and get better acquainted with yourself, instead? There has never been a better time to turn inwards and get to know ourselves on a deeper level. What do we need to heal and let go of? What are our hopes and dreams for the future? How can we show up better for ourselves and our loved ones? What do we really want from a relationship? Who do we really want to be in a relationship with? Now is the perfect time to be honest with yourself, about who you are and what you want. In the words of Lama Willa Miller: “In a pandemic, self-isolation is called quarantine. In Buddhism, it is called retreat.…

self care for spring

How are your energy levels right now? Do you feel like you are giving from an empty cup or are you embracing each day as it comes and bursting with energy? Some activities deplete your energy and others replenish it. It’s all about knowing what works for you. Self care is a crucial activity to include in your life so that you are not running on empty – so that you have something left to give to yourself and then to others. Self care is any activity that we do with intention in order to take care of our mental, physical and emotional health. It doesn’t have to mean a spa day or meditation for an hour each day. It’s not about how much money you spend or how much time you…

spring awakens

At this time of year, dawn comes earlier each morning. Open your ears as well as your eyes and as the darkness melts into rich trails of pinks and golds, you may hear the shrill tumbling song of skylarks with their tufted crests, conversational robins and the ribboned litany of song thrushes. When you emerged from your home, the air was chilly enough that you pulled on a warm jacket and woollens. Now a warming patch of sunshine plays over your face and the nape of your neck. Shrug off your hat and scarf and unfasten your coat to allow the breeze to caress your skin. Crouch down to touch the dew-damp grass, marvelling at the intensity of its greenness. Now stretch upwards, allowing each muscle to reach and relax. Flex your…