Planet Mindful Issue 18

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“The first step towards getting somewhere is to decide you’re not going to stay where you are.”L.P.MORGAN I have to be honest, putting together this issue has got me thinking on a deeper level. It has made me realise that we are all in pursuit of happiness, and perhaps that is – in fact – the meaning of life. But what does it really mean to be happy and is it ever attainable? Happiness can mean different things to different people – it could be finding your purpose in life through a career that aligns with your ethics; it could be regaining your health through an improved diet and lifestyle; or it could be learning to love and accept who you truly are. When researching his new book, therapist Andrew Fuller spoke…


”Taking inspiration from yoga, martial arts and dance, pilates is controlled, energised, fluid and intense," says British Pilates expert Korin Nolan ( "It helps rebalance the body, streamlines, lengthens, elongates and taps into those deep, intrinsic muscles rather than working the superficial muscles, so it has a much greater effect in strengthening the core and changing your body shape." When it comes to how often we should practise pilates, Korin recommends at least once a week alongside other exercise, too. "It really doesn’t have to always be a long gruelling workout to be effective – sometimes just 30 minutes can work wonders. It’s about listening to your body and doing what you feel it needs, rather than punishing yourself.“…

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how to stop overthinking

What would happen if we started to listen instead of hear, look instead of see or feel something rather than touch it? The same can be said of how we engage with other sensations – to actively connect with the smell or taste of something rather than allowing it to just happen to us. Perhaps it’s cool and rainy outside. We might think, ‘oh, not again, I don’t like this weather’. Instead of thinking about the temperature and our preferences, if we can surrender to the sensation and instead ask ourselves: How does the air, temperature or rain feel on my skin? If we can connect with this idea, it has potential to transform our thinking. Letting go of negative thoughts In his book, Ryunosuke Koike invites us to focus on the…

how to start using your senses

Koike suggests paying attention to the movements of your mind regularly. Check yourself now and then, setting up an imaginary sensor like you would do a home alarm system. He suggests asking yourself these questions: • What is my mind thinking about now?• What is it looking at?• What is it listening to?• What types of smells is it smelling? Then, when you have more awareness of what is happening in this moment, adjust your awareness or change the movements of your mind. If you notice that you’re thinking unneeded thoughts, you can focus on feeling instead. In short, this first main step is to start to recognise how many of your five senses you’re using at any given time.…

5 steps to enlightenment

1 ALLOW FORGIVENESS Be kind and show compassion, to yourself, others, and all sentient beings. This includes forgiving yourself and others. 2 THINK BEFORE YOU SPEAK Be aware of, and mindful of, your speech, thoughts and actions, noticing how these can impact yourself and others. 3 BE AUTHENTIC Adopt the right livelihood and the right way of living. 4 CELEBRATE MINDFULNESS Spend time cultivating a steady mind, whether that’s through meditation or other mindfulness techniques. 5 OPEN YOUR EYES Nurture your global views; think beyond your own inner world.…