Planet Mindful Issue 19

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“Change the way you look at things and the things you look at change.” WAYNE DYER A recent study suggested that nearly half of employees care less about their careers since Covid began. Our priorities have changed, and many would say they’ve changed for the better. We are starting to appreciate the little things. Those times when you’re suddenly aware of all the beauty around you, or when you’re laughing about something silly with friends – these are the ordinary moments that lead to true happiness. They’re what will stay with us when we look back on our lives. Turn to p20 to explore this concept more and consider the positives we can take away from the past 18 months. Talking about positivity – should we always try to be happy? What if…


CHARLIE LEMMER A sustainable interior designer and holistic health coach, Charlie helps people create space for wellbeing. See her mindful home on p76 this issue. EMMA MUMFORD YouTuber The Spiritual Queen takes us on a journey into the world of manifestation and outlines how we can use it on p38. KATIE WHITE Katie is a blogger and recipe developer with sustainability at the heart of everything she does. She shares her food waste tips on p68. MIKE LANGROUDI Planet Mindful team member and host of The Vulnerability Project podcast Mike explains why men struggle with mental health and shares how we can support them on p32. LEAH LARWOOD Qualified hypnotherapist Leah explores the positives we can take from Covid, and how we can use the pandemic as a vehicle for change on p20. EMMA BUCKLEY Should we eat honey? Emma explains…

the happy place

“Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.”PABLO PICASSO Crafting for kindness Painting is so therapeutic – it forces you to sit down and focus only on the picture in front of you. With each brushstroke, your stress unfolds. Creating a mini piece of art can also be a lovely way to show a friend that you care – a sentiment shared by Art and Kindness, who create beautiful art kits for you to work on for yourself and send to others. Choose from a selection of designs from, £29. WILD & FREE Al fresco bathing or ‘wild washing’ is the latest wellness trend to emerge – in fact, according to Plumbworld, searches for outdoor bathing have increased by 200 per cent in 2021…


NOT TOO LITTLE, NOT TOO MUCH. JUST RIGHT. Life in balance Many cultures advocate living a life that enjoys everything in moderation, and the Swedish concept of ‘lagom‘ falls very much within this realm. Dubbed ‘the new hygge‘, lagom means ‘just the right amount’ and revolves around the concept of living with just enough – enough possessions, enough social time, enough self care, enough work and enough relaxation. When you next feel the balance tilt towards too much work or stress, remember this Swedish ideal.…

12 ways to boost your confidence

1 Introduce affirmations to your life “Start with three basic affirmations such as ‘I am strong’, ‘I can do this’, or ‘I am loved’ and practise saying them in front of the mirror each day. This will remind you that you have every reason to be confident. Another tip I give to my clients is to spend your time doing something you love. If your time is spent working in a job you love, spending time with people you love, and engaging in hobbies you love, you will feel a great sense of belonging that will inevitably boost your confidence.” Ray Sadoun, mental health specialist at OK Rehab ( 2 Find your yoga glow “The ‘yoga glow’ is real (and not just from sweat!) It’s about taking time for yourself, doing something that makes you…

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