Playful Magazine Issue 4

Playful is a daring magazine telling personal stories of legendary people who help create Berlin’s reputation. Nothing is too crazy, too naked or too strange.

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Something that many of Playful’s interviews have in common, is how Berlin inspired them creatively. In this issue Dr. Rubenstein explains that she had no clue how to DJ and people told her several times that she’s not gonna make it in Berlin where there’s so many talents – look at her today. Patrick Mason moved here to study Graphic Design. Today he does whatever he finds appealing, interesting and fun – and he does it wholeheartedly. Many of us experience a change when moving to Berlin – a city where the creatives are supported with less tax, where clubs don’t close at 3pm, and where you see street art everywhere, amazing restaurants along the streets, where people can be themselves without worrying if someone photographed them in a club and…

baby’s first sex party

I assumed I’d get to a sex party in this city sooner. With a sexual appetite you’d struggle to describe as modest, sane, or even safe, I thought the moment would present itself. The usuals intrigued me, but the queues put me off. I wanted maximum debauchery, minimum effort. I’d like an orgy to spontaneously coalesce around me, please. Don’t the best things in life come to you? And on you, in a room full of strangers fucking? It didn’t quite happen like that. But it is true things find you in the end. I was a month into a blossoming friendship-romance with Eli, 25, from Barcelona. So it was make or break territory: flirting with being forever refined to the new-friend-graveyard of Insta DMs, a memorial for those relationships that…

berlin food stories per meurling

PLAYFUL MET PER AT RESTAURANT OTTO IN PRENZLAUER BERG FOR LUNCH, AND IMMEDIATELY STARTED TALKING ABOUT RECIPES. I JUST BOUGHT THE INGREDIENTS FOR A DISH THAT PER POSTED ON HIS INSTAGRAM STORY YESTERDAY - ITALIAN SAUSAGES, TOMATOES AND PEAS WITH MACHERONCINI PASTA IN A VERMOUTH LEMON BEURRE BLANC SAUCE. “There was something that came to me during the lockdown, to put up some recipes with local ingredients. That particular dish comes from a cookbook written by Nadine Redzepi, the wife of René Redzepi who started Noma. It’s a damn good recipe indeed.” Maybe Per has plans to create a cookbook himself, but he’s not going to promise too much. “I’m really restless, which leads to that I’m starting new projects over and over, which I, in turn, may not finish. That’s in my nature,”…

patrick mason

PATRICK MASON USED TO THINK BERLIN, AS WELL AS TECHNO, WERE APPALLING. SOME YEARS LATER, FINDING HIMSELF SUDDENLY LIVING IN THE CITY, HE STARTED SEEING HIS TRUE SELF COMING THROUGH. TODAY HE’S A DJ PERFORMING IN BERGHAIN, NEVER SETTLING FOR LESS THAN WHAT HE’S DARING HIMSELF TO DREAM OF. Meeting Patrick is how you would picture meeting a star. He’s well spoken, well dressed and you quickly get the impression that he leaves nothing to chance. His perfectionism and dedication made him successful not only as a fashion designer, a model, DJ, singer or Illustrator, but also as a Creative Director. Hold your horses, don’t get anxious just yet. This will not be an interview about unattainable success, but Patrick will spoil some secrets on what he believes to actually be a…

elfee duquette

COSTUME DESIGNER AND STYLIST ELFEE DUQUETTE HAS BEEN WORKING WITHIN THEATRE, OPERA, FILM, TV AND FASHION SHOOTS IN OVER 10 YEARS. THIS TIME SHE’S LETTING HER MAGIC SHINE ON PLAYFUL’S SHOOT TOGETHER WITH PATRICK MASON. Tell us a bit about yourself. I was born in Seattle, Washington. I have a twin brother, (Michael Walrond), and he’s my best friend and an amazing photographer. I studied at L’accademia di Costume e Di Moda in Rome for Costume Design. How did you end up in Berlin? It just felt like the right time to be here. So I just decided to pack my belongings and bought a one way ticket. What got you into costume design? The reason why costume design has so captured my interests is that there is something intrinsically immersive about the transformation an actor, actress,…

the cozy bar guide

MAMA BAR Hobrechtstraße 61 On a rather quiet street in Reuterkiez, lies a gem of a bar. When you enter Mama Bar you are taken on journey somewhere warm. The deep tones of the lamps, artwork, and unfiltered Czech beer make Mama Bar special. In our recent visit, we were told to stay tuned. They are working on opening a Spanish restaurant connected to Mama Bar. DION & GEFOLGE Bürknerstraße 32 Dion & Gefolge is a unique deli/boutique which has an incredible variety of selected beers, wines and spirits. Andre and Salem will gladly tell you stories and assist you in your choice of taste. I often grab a beer and sit outside, enjoying the views of the canal and the lives passing by. Dion & Gefolge’s beer collection is stacked with over 150 different kinds…