Playful Magazine Issue 6

Playful is a daring magazine telling personal stories of legendary people who help create Berlin’s reputation. Nothing is too crazy, too naked or too strange.

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If we wanna carry the crown, we also must carry the responsibility. The thought of it is aesthetically beautiful; an army of entertainers, performance artists, restaurant- and club owners. Marching the streets to fight for the Berlin they chose to live in. The reality may not seem as glorious as the picture we envision that we will convey to the next generation. The ones who will enjoy the Berlin, that we are responsible for creating post pandemic. In this issue we’ve been listening to the stories from another time. The time before and after the wall fell. We’ve met with two Berlin originals who have witnessed the transformation of the city and who have been part of the change. Sven Marquardt grew up in East Berlin, and Michel, also known as Gloria…

the not-so-secret diary of a stripper

It’s 9pm at the stripper flat on a typical Saturday night – 8 girls and just 1 bathroom – rush hour for mirror space and shower time; the veterans bring a compact and shower early, but most are new recruits from countries like Poland, Bulgaria or Czech Republic who have just arrived to work over the weekend. Others were sleeping most of the afternoon because of the late night the night before. The scent of the flat is a fusion of fried chicken, hairspray, candy body spray and self-tanning lotion. 9:30pm – We rush out; the new girls following behind, and little by little we head to the club as fast as we can in order to avoid the dreaded 10 Euros fine for those who arrive even a minute later…


KIKELOMO OLUDEMI IS MOVING QUICKLY AND CREATES NEW BUZZES IN BERLIN WITHIN ONE FIELD AT A TIME.SHE GOT INTRODUCED TO TECHNO WHEN VISITING THE CITY FOR THE FIRST TIME AND HAS SINCE THEN, BESIDES CREATING A NAME FOR HERSELF, ALSO MENTORED BABY DJS WITHIN THE ’NO SHADE’ COLLECTIVE AND TRAINING PROGRAM. Kikelomo [k-ih-k-eh-l-aw-m-aw] has a presence to her energy. She doesn’t pile up her accomplishments, but rather invites you into her own world – a space where safety, welcoming, uplifting, acceptance, music and joy make up the foundation. Besides maintaining a DJ career, London born Kikelomo is a party creator, radio show host, music producer, she works within the tech startup scene and is also an engineer. “The first time I visited Berlin, I had no idea what to expect. I didn’t know…

sven marquardt

SVEN MARQUARDT IS PROBABLY THE BIGGEST INTERNATIONAL BERLIN ICON ON THE UNDERGROUND SCENE.BORN AND RAISED IN THE CITY, THE PHOTOGRAPHER AND BERGHAIN BOUNCER TALKS ABOUT WHY IT’S THE JOINT RESPONSIBILITY OF ALL BERLINERS TO REBUILD THE CULTURE – SINCE THE ENTERTAINMENT SCENE HAS LOST FORCE DURING THE PANDEMIC. Getting Sven on the cover of Playful Magazine is a smooth process. As a Playful reader and highly experienced photographer he’s been emailing with the team the weeks before the photoshoot. It’s easy to imagine that he wants to be portrayed in black and white as he is on the pictures you’ll get when you google him, but no. Sven wants the cover to pop, Playful style. Sven’s assistant and friend Hardy is arriving together with the well–dressed Berlin legend to help out with…

the only tigress that can tame berlin

Current in the documentary film about her journey and strive towards the goal to reach number one in the world of female bodybuilding. The documentary film ’I Am The Tigress’, by Philip Fussenegger of Fun Fair Films, lifts ’The Tigress’ who behind her huge biceps is also a vulnerable human being who struggles with self-doubt, discrimination and acceptance of others. With much admiration, Playful takes the chance to get to know Tischa better and be inspired by her incredible mentality, as well as her soft heart. Tischa grew up in Bronx, New York with her mother and older brother. During her first year of college, she got pregnant. “I had my first child, Jasmine, just before my eighteenth birthday, so I didn’t return to school. Two years later I met and married…


IN THE END IF YOU GIVE YOUR BEST AND BELIEVE IN IT YOU WILL SUCCEED AT SOME POINT BECAUSE PASSION IS NOT FOR SALE Meeting with Felix and Aaron is as energizing and fun as their sets. Although their personalities are quite the opposite of one another, none of them stresses the presence. Instead, it comes natural to them to have as fun as possible all the time. It’s obvious from the start that they do everything with 100 percent involvement, and it’s not hard to see why they are a continuously growing hype that never bursts. The duo has a busy schedule, as they are producing more music now than ever before. This includes collaborations with Honey Dijon as well as Miss Kittin. As we’re walking around the space of The…