Playful Magazine Issue 7

Playful is a daring magazine telling personal stories of legendary people who help create Berlin’s reputation. Nothing is too crazy, too naked or too strange.

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When I think of summer in Berlin I think of hugging, kissing, biking, laying by a lake, beer gardens, bare legs, Tempelhofer Feldt, smoke, ice cream, restaurants, späti beers by Spree and feeling free. I feel excited for being in this city and watch it slowly come back to a normality where we can be. Together. Watching this city grow even stronger, supporting each others restaurants, clubs, performances, music and all kinds of culture in any way we can. Protecting Berlin from losings its vitality. I don’t have any energy for thinking of limitations or slowing down - we have been waiting to live for long, so let’s allow ourselves the excitement. Peter Gay wrote that living in the city in the Golden ’20s was the dream of ‘the composer, the journalist,…

when i get low, i get high

There is a ferocious beast inside of me. It has taken me places so high I could see heaven and so low I shuddered at the sight of my reflection. The beast has a hunger, it wants me to relish in my sexuality and deviance, I surrender. Like loose bottles rolling on trains, I was free to roam yet easy to break. A night out in Berlin possesses endless possibilities to fulfill your wildest fantasies; thus allowing my time to be lived freely, without a plan or expectation. I had just finished a bartending shift and was already undoubtedly tipsy, but with a curious mind and an untameable heart, it was inevitable the night was young. The desire for deep conversation is what pulled me to continue my evening across the street…

anna z

She moved to Berlin in 2014 for her architecture studies, although it didn’t take long until she got in contact with the electronic scene and learnt how to produce herself. “Before moving to Berlin I got my diploma in graphic design and arts. During the architecture studies my interest in acoustics, sound and all the interdisciplinary practices grew. I got in contact with WERK, who created parties at ://about blank, and started to make visuals for them. Something that suddenly became a big interest to me.” “However, when I got my visuals online, Instagram deleted them because I didn’t own the music that I added to the visuals,’ Anna laughs and continues; “I only used them for myself, but still. That’s when I decided to start creating the sounds myself.” Taking the first…

clara cuvé

WHEN GROWING UP, IT WAS ALL ABOUT THE PIANO FOR CLARA CUVÉ.SHE STARTED HER TECHNO JOURNEY WITH A FAKE ID AS A YOUNG TEEN AND AFTER A ROUGH EXPERIENCE WITH THE POLICE, HER CLUBBING SUCCESS RATE HAS BEEN 100 PERCENT.TODAY SHE’S ONE OF THE MOST HYPED NAMES ON THE TECHNO SCENE AND THE PREVIOUS NOTORIOUS CIGARETTE SMOKER REVEALS THAT SHE’S STARTED SMOKING AGAIN. What’s your first memory from visiting Berlin? I can’t remember the exact first time. I was always going to Berlin with my friends on the weekends, mostly for partying because there was nothing comparable in Munich by that time. How would you describe the difference between your hometown Munich and Berlin? There’s a lot. But for me the most significant difference are the people. I remember my first times in Berlin…

oumi janta

IF ANYONE KNOWS WHAT IT’S LIKE TO BECOME FAMOUS OVERNIGHT IT’S OUMI JANTA.STAYING CONNECTED TO THE GROUND SHE’S USING HER GLOBAL MEGAPHONE TO ENCOURAGE US TO RETHINK OURSELVES AND TO BREAK SOCIETAL NORMS AROUND AGE.IN THE END, IT’S ALL ABOUT NOT GIVING TOO MUCH OF A FUCK.I HAVE NEVER FELT LIKE, “OH MY GOD THE WORLD IS ENDING” In Berlin you’ve seen her for years rolling in Tempelhofer Feld, and we are among many who got obsessed. There’s something calming, liberating, joyful and completely unpretentious watching her jam skating on the field as well as on Instagram together with good music. If it’s any energy we want to keep, lift and spread this summer, it’s definitely hers. Born in Senegal, Oumi Janta came here when she was just two months old with…

eating in berlin with sissi chen

SISSI CHEN INSPIRES US WITH HER LOVE FOR FOOD AND COOKING. WE GET SOME TIPS ON HOW TO THINK, NOW THAT WE WANT TO DISCOVER BERLIN’S FOOD SCENE AND ITS CHANGES SINCE LAST YEAR. Sissi herself never planned on moving to Berlin but believes she got here for a reason. “I never planned to move to Berlin, but I guess the universe knew I would like this place. I randomly applied for an internship and packed my suitcase to live in Berlin for 6 months, over ten years ago. It turned out I felt so comfortable, that I just stayed.” Sissi was born in China but grew up in Austria – two countries that communicate very differently through food. Something Sissi believes definitely influenced her own connection and interest. “I always felt a connection…