March 2022

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Do you remember a few years ago when every magazine was praising the Scandi practice of hygge? In case you don’t quite recall the details, hygge is all about embracing the fact that it’s cold and a bit dark and damp outside, curling up under a snuggly blanket, lighting a few candles and lamps to provide a lovely warm glow, and resting and relaxing until the spring comes. For us in the UK it was perhaps a passing wellness trend, but for those clever Scandinavians it’s a way of life in the long dark winters, and I think it might be time we took notice again. So if you find that things are a bit challenging again in the next few weeks, why not find ways to make this a calm…

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PAUL MCKENNA ‘Visualise the future you want, then take mental steps backwards to the present day to understand the path that’s needed to reach it,’ advises the world-renowned hypnotherapist Paul McKenna on page 24, as he reveals the power of positive thinking. BETHAN O’RIORDAN You can be a mother to grown-up children still living at home without being a martyr, says the psychotherapist and parenting expert Bethan O’Riordan on page 76. Find out how to navigate parental responsibility in a still-full nest without compromising their independence, or your own. ELEANOR TWEDDELL Changing careers, whether through choice or circumstance, can feel a lot like going through a break-up, says the coach and author Eleanor Tweddell on page 108. Take steps towards saying goodbye to the old you to make space for the new, and compassionately navigate…

in the mood

Share the love of reading Valentine’s Day on 14 February is also International Book Giving Day, an annual event to get books into the hands of children and foster a love of literature. Set up 10 years ago by the blogger Amy Broadmoore, and organised by the British author Emma Perry, Book Giving Day is now celebrated in 44 countries. The stories you share, and how you do that, is up to you, but many participants choose to be ‘book fairies’, printing official International Book Giving Day bookplates or bookmarks to place inside books, which they leave to be discovered, read and treasured. Your GP surgery, playground or along the school run route are perfect spots. Or simply surprise a child you know or donate to a charity, such as BookTrust.;…

watch, look, listen

WATCH – Death On The Nile sees Kenneth Branagh reprise the role of detective Hercule Poirot as he investigates the honeymoon murder of a young heiress. Out 11 February. LOOK – Grayson’s Art Club at Bristol Museum and Art Gallery celebrates lockdown masterpieces inspired by the second series of Grayson Perry’s TV show. Until September. LISTEN – On My Last Eggs is the podcast every perimenopausal woman needs, with the host Rachel New speaking candidly to experts and celebrities about ‘the change’.…

holiday harmony

What a lovely read your feature ‘Make it a Christmas to remember’ (January edition) was, and packed full of good advice. The end-of-year holidays can induce a special type of hysteria: buying multiple gifts, eating too much and spending time with extended family who may have differing political views. There is no shortage of reasons to get stressed out! But I’ve always loved Christmas and really look forward to the holiday season. Nowadays my favourite aspect of Christmas is coming together with family and friends for uninterrupted and extended quality time, and to have the chance to remind loved ones how much I appreciate them. Gifts can convey gratitude, but I’m also aware of the impact of extreme consumption on our planet, from wrapping paper to plastic packaging. Your words made me…


Change is going to come ‘How do I begin to change the habits of a lifetime?’ (February edition) was a game changer for me. Many of us have habits that we’d like to alter. And the good news is, after reading your expert’s advice, it seems it’s never too late to do things differently. Changing habits may not be easy, but going about it in the right way can help our chances of success. We are all creatures of habit. Some of them good, some of them bad. To stop doing something that has become habitual didn’t seem possible to me previously, but since reading your article, I believe I am quite capable of change. My list starts with exercising more because I’ve become lazy. Health changes, even later in life, can still…