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Rachael Ray Every Day January/February 2019

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fresh start!

I’ve never been one to make resolutions. They can set you up to feel really bad about yourself. To me, the start of a new year shouldn’t be about giving up stuff but about building on who and what you are. I make general promises to myself. Going into 2019 after a big election year and a big birthday, I am mindfully trying to listen more. To find more patience, more understanding. To be more present in my day in every way. And I think about what I still haven’t conquered in life. I still haven’t mastered the drum kit! I’ve taken lessons, but I want to get good. I want to finally be fluent in any of the languages I study, including Danish, French, and, of course, Italian. Rosetta Stone…

on the wagon

“We don’t call them mocktails,” says Dave Arnold of the nonalcoholic drinks at Existing Conditions, the New York City bar he owns with star barmen Greg Boehm and Don Lee ( exconditions.com ). “We don’t want to mock anyone.” Instead, the team created booze-free beverages—like the Serendipity, a tropical take on an old-fashioned—with the same attention they would pay to traditional cocktails. “A bar atmosphere is a fun, social thing, and you shouldn’t need alcohol to enjoy it,” says Arnold. Liquid inclusivity is gaining steam on the menus at other high-profile bars in the United States. It’s a natural spin-off of wellness culture. “More people are calling for nonalcoholic drinks, and bartenders are hearing the call,” says Brian Miller, co-owner of the Polynesian, a new tiki bar in NYC ( thepolynesiantiki.com…

dry bars

REDEMPTION BAR This health-focused bar and restaurant brought Apple Mockjitos and Pious Piña Coladas to London when it debuted in 2015. Two more locations have since joined the scene. redemptionbar.co.uk SANS BAR This Austin joint began as a pop-up, but its concerts, trivia nights, and no-alcohol drinks (like a rosemary-ginger mule) grew such a following that it moved into a brick-and-mortar last year. thesansbar.com JUICEBOX HEROES Two potentially terrifying words: sober karaoke. This 21-years-and-older, liquor-free section of New York City’s new Mini Rex karaoke bar is for the truly brave. minirexnyc.com THE OTHER SIDE This sober spot in Crystal Lake, Illinois, opened in 2013 as a safe place for those in recovery to hang out—but it’s open to everyone. Who needs tequila in a room full of pool tables, dartboards, and video games? the-other-side.org…

cold sweat

Step aside, hot yoga. Last year, New York City got its first cool-temperature fitness concept in Brrrn ( thebrrrn.com ), courtesy of personal trainers Jimmy Martin and Johnny Adamic. The Chelsea spot offers three workouts: Flow, a yoga class set at 60 degrees; Slide, a core-and-cardio circuit in a brisk 55-degree room; and Hit, a high-intensity rope-and-dumbbell routine at a nippy 45 degrees. “Heat limits your body’s ability to perform at its best,” claims Adamic. “When you’re exposed to temperatures between 40 and 64 degrees, you burn fat.” There’s science to support that exposure to the cold can burn calories: A 2014 study in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism found that, in winter, the body can convert more white fat to beige fat, which burns calories. Other research…

happy, not hungry

What inspired Two Hangry Chicks (THC)? When cofounder Daphne Boothe and I started working together in 2013, we were frightened by the number of food insecure citizens in America. [Editorial note: In 2013 one in six people in THC’s home base of Pinellas County, Florida, was food insecure, according to Feeding America, a nationwide network of food banks.] We were not OK with those statistics, so we started Two Hangry Chicks. We want to feed people in need in our community, but we also want to encourage a culture of helping one’s neighbors, foster service as a family activity, and create a dialogue about how we can build a local support system that allows everyone to live food secure. With the help of hundreds of volunteers and thousands of volunteer…

veg out

SHIMMY SHACK Five years ago, Debra Levantrosser traded her cushy corporate job to man a vegan food truck, a bold move that paid off when her busy Shimmy Shack rig expanded into a’50s-inspired brick-and-mortar diner near Detroit last fall. Veganized versions of stick-to-your-ribs favorites include lentil-loaded burgers, chili-cheese fries, and piles of pass-the–Wet-Nap nachos. shimmyshack.com VERTICAL DINER How do you lure hard-core carnivores over to the vegan side? Put a mac-and-cheese burger in front of’em. And that’s just the gateway dish at this Salt Lake City greasy spoon. The meatless takes on buffalo wings (served, of course, with vegan ranch dressing) and breakfast burritos have vegans and meat lovers alike clamoring for a seat inside the reinvented 1920s diner. verticaldiner.com SPIRAL DINER & BAKERY Texas and beef go together like, well, Texas and beef, which…