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Rachael Ray Every Day May 2017

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this one’s for you, mom

May is all about moms! My mom, Elsa, is not only my number-one influence as a cook, but also as a human. I wrote many of my 30-Minute Meals this month with a wink and a nudge to the flavors that she loves the most: lots of lemon, lots of late-spring veg— and lots of figure-friendly dishes because, yup, it’s heatin’ up outside! If you want some ideas for your mom, remember that all moms and grandmoms really want to do is spend time with their families. A frequent cohost on my show is my dear friend chef Curtis Stone, who is also a huge family person. He’s taking you behind the scenes with all the great moms in his life: his wife, Lindsay, his mom, Lozza, and his two grandmothers,…

rach's burger of the month

Scallion Turkey Burgers with Boursin Ranch Topping MAKES 4 I mixed fresh herbs and a splash of cream into Boursin for the thickest ranch dressing ever! Any leftovers make a delicious dip for celery sticks. 1½ lbs. ground turkey Salt and pepper 4 scallions, whites and greens chopped 1 rounded tbsp. Dijon mustard About 1 tsp. Worcestershire sauce (a few good shakes) Drizzle of olive or vegetable oil 1 package (5.2 oz.) Boursin Garlic & Fine Herbs cheese ¼ cup chopped mixed dill, chives and parsleySplash of cream or halfand- half (about 2 tbsp.) 1 tsp. lemon zest plus juice of ½ lemon (about 2 tbsp.) 1 clove garlic, grated Dash of hot sauce, such as Tabasco 4 hamburger or Kaiser rolls, split and lightly toasted Gem lettuce, sliced tomato and sliced red or sweet white onion, for…

matcha madness

1. Nail it Buy some time before your next mani-pedi with Nails Inc Nail Grow Treatment. Rub the gel—full of matcha and vitamins A and E—into cuticles twice a week to keep nails hydrated. $15, sephora.com 2. Face facts Start off your day with the freshscented H2O+ Aquadefense Protective Matcha Moisturizer. It’s ultra lightweight and packs a broadspectrum SPF 40. $44, ulta.com 3. Treat yourself Like a smoothie for your skin, the Eborian Perfect Morning BB Mask will leave you feeling fresh and virtuous. Combine the matcha powder in the packet with a little water, slather the mixture on your face, then rinse. It deep-cleans, tightens pores and leaves you with a pretty glow. $32 for 8, sephora.com 4. Go soft Slip the tiny Little Barn Apothecary Matcha + Mint Hydrating Butter Balm tin into your purse…

stand and devour

As a recent grad paying painfully high rent, I’m usually not willing to stretch my budget for dinner. I am, however, willing to stretch my legs. So when I heard that a Japanese steakhouse had opened in the East Village, serving great meat on the cheap with one catch—you don’t get to sit down while you eat—I was game to try it. Ikinari Steak launched in Japan in 2013, and within three years had 116 outlets. The standing-room-only shtick makes for fast turnover. “If there were chairs, people would sit for up to two hours,” chef Kunio Ichinose told me through a translator. Instead, diners typically stay for as little as 30 minutes—and the more steaks you sell, the less you have to charge for them. At Ikinari, you order at a…

rach is such an animal!

Everyone has a wild side, and you can catch a glimpse of Rachael’s this month when she lends her distinctive voice to HBO’s animated comedy Animals. The series imagines the inner lives of New York’s oft enoverlooked critters: rats, pigeons, there’s even an episode with bedbugs having a midlife crisis. Rachael, who joins a long list of guest stars, including Jon Lovitz, Molly Shannon and Ellie Kemper, plays a mama bluebird (shown above) with a new hatchling to feed—which, you’ll recall from nature specials, involves a certain amount of regurgitation. “So not all my lines were actual words!” she says. The new season started in April, so catch up on-demand before the May 12 episode, when Rach shows off her animal instincts.…

word of mouth

FACEBOOK POLL We asked: What’s the healthiest thing you ate today—in one word? Of the more than 1,400 responses, these were the most common confessions. (Hint: the bigger the word the more popular it was.) CHEW ON THIS! Reducetarian 1: Someone who has pledged to trim the amount of red meat, poultry and seafood on their plates, not because of an “all-or-nothing” fad diet, but because they believe in the big impact—on their health and the planet’s—that small, personal food choices can make. 2: A term coined by Brian Kateman in his new book of the same name GET REGRAMMED BY RACH! Are you keeping up with your Instagram feed? If so, you know Rachael has been regramming her favorite reader pics on her personal account. Want yours to be next? Tag your tastiest-looking taco shots with…