Reader’s Digest Asia (English Edition)

Reader’s Digest Asia (English Edition)

May 2021

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the moon’s future

THE NEXT TIME YOU GLANCE UP into the night sky and marvel at the beauty of a full moon, try to imagine its surface cluttered with scenes of industry – scenes of mining, to be precise. Sounds like some intriguing, yet unlikely scenario from a science-fiction film? Not according to our feature ‘Saving the Moon’ (page 98). Science writer Ceridwen Dovey investigates the new space race currently taking place between space and resources companies. Their goal? To mine the moon and use its natural resources to fuel exploration of the frontiers of space. It leaves us wondering, just how much are we prepared to risk? My favourite article, ‘You Call That a Compliment?’ (page 68), is classic Digest – funny, relatable and shareable. This compilation of short real-life stories from readers…


What a Surprise I normally read my Reader’s Digest from beginning to end but wasn’t looking forward to ‘Indonesia’s Snake Bite Doctor’ (March) as I don’t like snakes! To my surprise, I found the Bonus Read most interesting with some fantastic previously unknown facts. Dr Tri Maharani – known as Maha – must have saved hundreds of lives by passing on her toxicology knowledge to other doctors. A wonderful lady. SHIRLEY APLIN Roany’s Good Nature Pam Houston’s story ‘He Trots the Air’ (February) brought tears to my eyes. It so beautifully and eloquently reflected her love, respect and compassion for her horse, Roany, and his intelligence and loyalty to Pam. I felt like I was experiencing Roany’s life and dignified ending first-hand. COLLEEN J. ATKINSON Sustainable Vehicles The race to reduce landfill is being won by Dutch researchers who have…


READERSDIGESTASIA Anecdotes and jokes $50–$100 Send in your real-life laugh for Life’s Like That or All in a Day’s Work. Got a joke? Send it in for Laughter is the Best Medicine! Smart Animals Up to $100 Share antics of unique pets or wildlife in up to 300 words. My Story $250 Do you have an inspiring or life-changing tale to tell? Submissions must be true, unpublished, original and 800-1000 words. Here’s how to reach us: Email: asiaeditor@readersdigest.com.au Write: Reader’s Digest Asia Editorial Department Singapore Post Centre PO Box 272, Singapore 914010 Online: rdasia.com/contribute Include your full name, address, phone number and email. Letters: We may edit letters and use them in all print and electronic media. Submissions: All submissions become our property on payment and subsequent publication in the magazine. We may edit and fact-check submissions. We cannot return or acknowledge material not…

news worth sharing

Feeling Stressed? Try Watching a Cute Animal Video Do you get captivated by cute videos of cats and dogs on the internet? Watching them may actually be doing you some good. Scientists already knew that hanging out with pets in real life can relieve stress, but now a small UK study suggests that watching adorable animals on a screen can trigger a similar effect on your heart rate and blood pressure. Subjects watched videos of quokkas, a small but engaging marsupial, but YouTube has countless sweet videos of a variety of animals, from puppies to piglets and pandas and even baby hippos. The next time you’re feeling a bit anxious, spending some time online with these cute creatures might help you relax. Sensory Room Improves Inclusivity Holidays provide a wonderful break from routine.…

shocking secret of the gown

My aunties all said my mother was a very beautiful debutante; shy, demure and dressed in the most exquisite lace gown. As the partner chosen by her parents to escort her to the 1938 Debutante Ball at St Margaret’s College, my father fell in love with her that night and eventually they married, and the rest is the unfolding history of our family. But my story is about my mother’s beautiful ball gown. She had carefully wrapped it in tissue paper and placed it in a cardboard box – carried from house to house in Christchurch, as over the years my parents had upgraded their dwellings – and it was hidden away in a top cupboard. From time to time it would be lifted out of its box and shown to us, and…

smart animals

Four Little Ducks REBECCA JULIAN Last October, my husband and I travelled an hour or so from our home to attend his uncle’s funeral. It was a very hot day so we decided to pull into a fast food restaurant to freshen up before the service. The restaurant carpark covered quite an expanse and had several pedestrian crossings, one of which was located close to where the carpark backs on to a childcare centre. My husband stopped at this crossing but from the passenger’s seat I could not see why. There were no people crossing and I told him to move on and park. He suggested I look over the dashboard and what I saw was delightful. A father wood duck (judging by the markings on the wings) was crossing with four little ducklings…