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Readers Digest Australia June 2019

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editor’s note

READER’S DIGEST takes great care in portraying the personal stories of people who have faced major health obstacles and overcome those challenges. This month’s Bonus Read, ‘Patient 71’ (page 112) by Julie Randall, is particularly special for the team. Julie works on the same floor as us. We have met her and we admire her tenacity. ‘Patient 71’ is Julie’s story of how the joy (and trepidation) of turning 50 quickly faded after she was diagnosed with advanced melanoma. What Julie makes very clear, is that a cancer diagnosis is not the end, rather it is the start. While her blunt disregard of (some) of her doctors’ bleak prognoses will amaze many readers, her drive to return to good health is nothing short of inspirational. Another story I urge you…


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Hug it Out Thank you for the beautiful pictorial ‘Come, Give Me a Hug’ (April 2019). I am an animal lover and these images touched my heart. My four-year-old granddaughter loves them, too. I babysit her regularly and since I showed her the pictures and read her the article, she now asks for the animal cuddle story in Nana’s book before she goes to sleep. This will be a memory she takes through life. ANN SIMON Brotherly Love The article ‘My Greatest Olympic Prize’ (Lessons of Friendship, May) reminds me of my brother Bruno, an Austrian who was forcibly enlisted as a parachutist by the SS at age 17. He was as handsome as Luz Long, the 1936 German sportsman from your story. However, my brother was at the front in Russia and…

the secret to a happy life is...

… secret. BART PETERS, THE NETHERLANDS … drink plenty of water and pay no attention to movie critics. ENRIQUE PÉREZ, MEXICO … to talk, and compromise PAUL VAN WOUW, BELGUIM … to love what you do every moment, even if it isn’t what you dreamed of. ISABEL PÉREZ, SPAIN … not to ask too much. HIKKA NURMI, FINLAND … to stay hidden. JEAN-ERIC PERDEREAU, FRANCE … to enjoy the moment. Small things make us happy. LUISE, GERMANY … health, peace, family, love. READERS FROM AUSTRALIA, BELGIUM, FINLAND, GERMANY, MEXICO, THE NETHERLANDS, NORWAY, SINGAPORE…

news worth sharing

Nest Webcam Helping Save Endangered Birds New Zealand Department of Conservation rangers are hoping social media will help educate the community about the plight of the endangered northern royal albatross. The mysterious large sea bird is under threat from climate change, parasitic flies and heat stress. Rangers have set up a webcam known as ‘RoyalCam’ to record the first few months of life of newborn chicks in albatross nests at the remote Taiaroa Head on the Otago Peninsula. The royal albatrosses (the species is also known as toroa) are the largest sea birds in the world and breed exclusively in New Zealand waters. They have been described as the ‘casualties on the front line’ of the war against plastic as they mainly feed by swooping down on squid and often mistake brightly…

saving the whales

WHEN WE RETIRED TO GOLDEN BAY at the top of the South Island in 2014, I really wanted to train with Project Jonah as a volunteer marine mammal medic. This amazing organisation responds to the hundreds of whales and dolphins that become stranded on our local shores. Sometimes the marine mammals become stranded because of sickness or injury, other times they just need help getting back out to sea. It was important to me to learn how to help if I was ever called upon during mass-whale stranding. I wanted to be able to assist with the emergency recovery and refloat of these precious creatures of the sea. My opportunity came when the dedicated Project Jonah team came to Golden Bay in 2016 to train a group of 23 volunteers. It was…