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Robb Report March 2019

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Sasha Israel Israel, a portrait and lifestyle photographer, brought her signature naturalism and authenticity to her disarming images of teenage sneaker dealers in this issue’s “They’ve Got Game” (p. 98). Israel was the principal photographer for The New York Times best seller In the Company of Women, and her work has been featured in publications such as Vogue, Elle, Self, Glamour, and New York magazine. She splits her time between New York City and Providence, R.I. Max Berlinger Berlinger is a Brooklyn-based writer and editor who focuses on the intersection of style, culture, and technology. This month the native Californian covered the growing cadre of teenage sneaker dealers in “They’ve Got Game” (p. 98) and rounded up some of the country’s top style advisors in “The Wardrobe Fixers” (p. 132). Berlinger’s work has…

editor’s letter

As this is the style issue, can we talk about color for a minute? Though maybe I’m not the best person to start this conversation, being that I’m technically color-blind (reds and greens—terrible for snooker). Perhaps that’s why, when it comes to clothes, I’m pretty consistent. Navy. Gray. Tan. The odd lighter shade. That’s pretty much it. And I’ve noticed I’m not alone. Style, like so many things, is about balance, and, as a general rule, most men are better served in clothes in shades of blues, grays, and browns than anything more primary or lurid. The pop of contrast provided by a pocket square, a scarf, or even a watch strap in an unexpected but complementary hue is usually more than enough to signal that beneath a put-together exterior beats…


Out to Sea Watches linked to yachting are nothing new, but few come packed with all of the bells and whistles of the Ulysse Nardin Mega Yacht ($310,000; limited to 30). This timepiece features a flying tourbillon shaped like an engine propeller, a 3-D moon and tide display, and a patented power reserve indicated by a windlass and anchor that lasts 80 hours before needing to be rewound. PAIGE REDDINGER Cliffhanger In the old Spanish fishing village of Calpe in Alicante, Fran Silvestre Arquitectos created a modernist stunner. Overlooking the Mediterranean, the firm built “House on the Cliff” to give the sensation of floating on air, with the main floor jutting out from the mountainside. The home is in pleasant juxtaposition to its natural surroundings: Its crisp, concrete form, covered in gleaming white…

on the web

The Best of Baselworld The second wave of big watch releases for 2019 will be unveiled at Baselworld this month; stay tuned for our verdict on who wins best in show. robbreport.com/baselworld The 89th Geneva International Motor Show See our comprehensive on-the-ground coverage of one of the auto world’s biggest events, taking place March 7 to 17. robbreport.com/genevashow The Anti-Spring Break Getaway Forget Florida. Do spring travel without the crowds by escaping to these little-known retreats, from the white sands of a secret Caribbean island to an incognito jet-set getaway in Mexico. robbreport.com/springbreak Where Great Wine Meets the Sunshine Maui’s first Wine & Food Classic gathers nearly 30 top vintners—from Harlan Estate and Opus One to Krug and Château Cos d’Estournel—along with significant chefs for three days of exceptional tastings at the Four Seasons resort in Wailea…

it takes a village

THE ALLURE of the hermetically sealed hotel—that reliably consistent bastion of sterilized luxury we all once swore by—has practically become a taboo among modern travelers. But lately, even a place that successfully brings the local culture inside its curated walls isn’t enough. We’re greedy; we want more. We want to stretch out across a block, a row, even an entire village. That’s the idea behind Enso Ango (ensoango.com), a new hotel in Kyoto that’s spread over five buildings and more than a dozen blocks. There’s an art gallery here, a tearoom there, a Zen garden in one building, a restaurant and bar in another, and scattered throughout, a collection of rooms, some simple hotel accommodations, others more spacious apartments, and all designed in that classic Japanese minimalist style of neutral colors…

four more where more is more

Aman Sveti Stefan A 15th-century fortified village and a 1930s royal villa separated by a stretch of Adriatic Sea make this Aman resort in Montenegro feel like a town unto itself. The walk from your room (in the former fishermen’s quarters) to the spa takes you through beach, forest, and city. (aman.com) Monteverdi Tuscany A medieval village brought back to life, this 900-year-old hamlet-turned-resort in the heart of the Val d’Orcia is an albergho diffuso done right, with a contemporary art gallery, an enoteca, a culinary academy, and just 18 rooms and suites. (moneteverdituscany.com) Belmond Casa de Sierra Nevada In Mexico’s San Miguel de Allende, six colonial mansions—including a 17th-century fort and the archbishop’s 16th-century home—were merged to create this enclave of 37 rooms patched together via courtyards and cloisters. (belmond.com) Pulitzer Amsterdam A labyrinthine maze of…