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Robb Report May 2019

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Kareem Rashed Rashed is a New York–based writer and stylist covering fashion, jewelry, watches and luxury at large. He has held positions at Vogue and Elle—most recently, he served as the fashion editor at Departures. In this issue of Robb Report, Rashed traveled to the Tucson Gem and Mineral Show, where he pulled back the curtain on the wild west of precious stone dealings (“No Stone Unturned,” p. 130). In addition to his print and digital work, he serves as a consultant and content creator for a number of brands and retailers. Hilarie M. Sheets Sheets is a freelance journalist and critical expert on visual art and culture. She has covered the art world for The New York Times since 2001 and is a contributing editor to ARTnews. Her work also appears regularly…

editor’s letter

Why now? The answer is simply because right now there are so many great stories to tell, so many innovative and extraordinary ideas to share. The luxury world is in a state of change and renewal, and that has brought new ideas and champions to the surface. And while new does not necessarily equal good—and much less best—there’s something particularly beguiling about unearthing that thing that moves the needle, that takes the status quo and builds upon it, whether that’s a product, a brand, a destination or an experience. Discovering a craftsman or -woman—be that an artist, a designer or an architect—whose work you adore can lead to a wonderful, lifelong relationship (and a heavily depleted bank balance). Which is why the act of discovery can be so personal and intimate.…


In the Flow Known for its hydromechanical watches that use liquid-filled capillaries to measure time, HYT has updated its technically complex H2O ($115,000 for steel and $125,000 for gold, each limited to 20) with the philosophical phrase “Time is fluid.” Spelled out around the circumference of its domed sapphire crystal case, the message can be customized on a bespoke timepiece to any buyer’s language preference and serves as a reminder that—in general relativity physics at least—time is flexible. An Artist’s Touch Much like van Gogh and his self-portraits, automotive art house Pininfarina—famed coachbuilder for Ferrari and others—has brilliantly expressed its own personality with the Battista. The all-electric hypercar, designed for new marque Automobili Pininfarina, begins delivery next year with a carbon-fiber body and 1,900 hp. Only 150 will be made, each priced at…

the duel

By the sheer scale of their work, architects—especially a globe-trotting class of starchitectscan have an outsize impact when compared to other artists. A painting or sculpture may become a sensation, but hovering above a skyline, a building can stand as a mark of civic pride—or a wildly expensive eyesore. At the end of the 20th century and well into the 21st, two of the most celebrated and divisive starchitects have had their fair share of both. Santiago Calatrava vs. Frank Gehry ARCHITECTURAL STYLE Neo-futurism Deconstructivism AGE 67 (Born July 28, 1951, in Valencia) 90 (Born February 28, 1929, in Toronto) FIRST COMMISSION Ernstings Warehouse in Coesfeld, Germany, 1985 (the distribution center for a casual clothing retailer) David Cabin in Idyllwild, Calif., 1957 (a private family vacation home in the mountains near Palm Springs) IF YOU WANT TO HIRE HIM, IT WILL…

chef knows best

CHEF NINA COMPTON traveled to New Orleans in 2013 to compete in Top Chef, the reality TV competition that actually matters inside the culinary world. After finishing in second place, she left the Big Easy—but New Orleans didn’t leave her. “The city just stuck in my head,” she says. And for good reason: The St. Lucia native saw in Nola a little bit of home. “I love the similarities to the Caribbean—the warmth of the people, the emphasis and energy around sharing food and drinks.” The chef returned two years later and opened Compère Lapin, which mashes up her Caribbean, French, New Orleans and Italian influences. Following its success, last year she opened Bywater American Bistro, already a local favorite for its homey dishes like spaghetti pomodoro and fried Gulf oysters.…

margarita 101

Mid-1920s Millions of future spring breakers are spared the ravages of scurvy when a bartender at the Turf Bar in Tijuana, Mexico, accidentally uses tequila instead of gin to make a Daisy. The margarita is born. 1938 Tijuana restaurant owner Carlos Herrera serves a Ziegfeld showgirl a combination of lime juice, tequila and salt, prompting the beginning of a never-ending debate about the cocktail’s origins. 1945 Jose Cuervo launches an ad campaign with the slogan, “Margarita: It’s more than a girl’s name.” Pizza makers worldwide lament the missed opportunity. 1948 Texas socialite Margaret “Margarita” Sames claims she—and not a Mexican bartender—invented the cocktail because, as she says, “a person can only drink so many beers.” 1953 The first known publication of a margarita recipe appears in the December issue of Esquire. It called for an ounce of tequila, a…