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Robb Report January 2020

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Ted Loos Loos has written about wine and art for the last 25 years, for The New York Times, WSJ magazine and others. Formerly a wine contributor for Travel + Leisure and an Epicurious columnist, Loos put his vintage knowledge to good use this issue, surveying five up-and-coming wine regions in “The New New Worlds” (p. 120). “The wine world has expanded so much since I began covering it,” he says. “Just talking to folks in these emerging locales makes me want to pack my bags and explore.” Jemima Sissons While writing her story for this issue, “The Great Escapes” (p. 42), on restorative retreat destinations, Sissons was on a remote getaway of her own. “I wrote the story from the wilds of northern Georgia in the Caucasus,” she says. “So it was…

editor’s letter

There can be no better time to devote an issue to the future of luxury than the start of a new year—and a new decade. It feels like a watershed moment for us, as consumers, but also for so many of the industries that make up this world. Our needs and wants are changing: It’s not that we crave less quality, less refinement, less exclusivity in the products and experiences we seek out—of course not. But now, inspired perhaps by the activism of a younger generation or just the overwhelming evidence of global warming, we are increasingly expecting—insisting—that the brands we endorse and patronize tread lightly upon the earth or change the way they operate in order to do so. Because it’s impossible to discuss the future of luxury in this new…


Moon Shoes As we look to the future in this issue, here we turn our eye toward products still in development, starting with Under Armour’s recent partnership with Virgin Galactic that brings stylish shoes to space tourism. Inspired by racecar drivers’ lightweight kicks, each pair uses adaptive technology to form to the wearer’s foot. It’s a far cry from the clunky space boots of the Apollo 11 days—adding a little more grace to that one small step. underarmour.com Dream Team A collaboration with fellow English automaker Brough Superior, Aston Martin’s AMB 001 is its first motorcycle. The track-only model roars to life with a 180 hp, turbocharged V-twin engine mounted in a carbon-fiber body. And although its creation was a team effort, aesthetically the bike is distinctly Aston Martin, flying the marque’s signature…

the great escapes

Moderation, that noble pursuit, is never harder than during the end-of-year party season. And while all good things come to an end, no one says you can’t roll right into recovery: Once the last toasts have been made and the last drams drunk, it’s time for some proper R&R, whether that means rest & relaxation or reboot & revitalization. No matter if your metabolism favors disappearing into the wilderness or escaping into a sweat-soaked workout refresher, we have just what the doctor ordered. OFF THE GRID Islas Secas Reserve & Lodge Nestled in the Gulf of Chiriquí, Panama, Islas Secas is the ultimate in hidden luxury for those who desire complete privacy and off-the-beaten-track adventure. One of the hottest destinations for 2020, Islas Secas puts sustainability at its heart: The Tom Sheerer–designed casitas…

loving the cup

The Millennium Cup, the South Pacific’s premier superyacht regatta, takes place among an archipelago of 144 islands known for dolphin pods, big-game fishing and world-class diving, from January 29 to February 1. New Zealand’s Bay of Islands, as it’s known, is also an exceptional sailing area, with constant winds and beautiful scenery. And while the races can be enjoyed from land in Russell, where the competition begins—Eagles Nest, a resort perched high above the town, offers exceptional views of the course—chartering a yacht will put you as close to the on-water action as possible. Aspiring sailors can watch from the 189-foot Twizzle, a pedigreed sailing vessel by Royal Huisman with space for nine guests and 11 crew. The yacht offers a large exterior lounge for watching the competition, a protected alfresco…

all the right angles

Let there be light, sure, but let it be interesting. Designers are getting more creative with luminescence of late, bending fixtures into clean—but still dynamic—geometries. Made popular by the likes of Bec Brittain and Lindsey Adelman, these mathematical shapes have increasingly become the new illumination of note. In addition to adding interior pizzazz, a well-placed triangle, square or polygon can shed new light on subjects, with their structural forms casting a more alluring glow than a workaday floor or desk lamp. Looking for a master class in such lines and vertices? Danish-Icelandic artist Olafur Eliasson’s latest for Louis Poulsen will give even the brainiest nerd something to scratch her head about. Dubbed the OE Quasi, the pendant contains multitudes—namely, a dodecahedron core within a 20-faced frame. Yet for all its numbers…