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Robb Report February 2020

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Basem Wasef Wasef’s fascination with all things vehicular can be traced to his early childhood, when he would sing “Happy Birthday” to his Matchbox cars. He has since written three books on cars and motorcycles, and been a regular contributor to publications such as Wired, Men’s Journal and Automobile. For this issue, Wasef flew in Cirrus’s Vision Jet and experienced its new landing system for “Many Happy Returns” (p. 74). “It was a fascinating opportunity to see how this remarkable machine has evolved,” he says. “Innovation is fundamental to the evolution of private flight. These safety features can only help the aviation community grow.” Claire Coghlan Coghlan has written about style and entertainment for The New York Times, Vanity Fair, Variety and other publications. In “Magic Carpet Ride” (p. 80), she spoke with…

editor’s letter

Welcome to our February issue, which is dominated by our annual Car of the Year competition. As ever, this event is unlike any other Car of the Year in that the judges are . . .you! Last November and December, 171 Robb Report readers—rather than professional journalists—had the chance to walk in our car editors’ shoes as they road-tested our 11 world-class vehicles, back to back to back. Why is that distinction important? Because it’s the men and women who own and drive these cars, and other luxury automobiles, whose opinions really count here. So we’re proud to hand over one of our flagship events to you. And it’s a pretty mind-melting experience, taking out car after car, comparing them to one another across multiple categories—this year there were five convertibles, four sedans…


Curve Appeal To create a top-of-the-line Champagne tumbler, call in an expert on Champagne. That’s the house of Puiforcat’s line of thinking anyway: The 200-year-old Parisian silversmith joined up with celebrated winemaker Bruno Paillard to create Champagne vessels that enhance the overall sipping experience and look spectacular at the same time. Choice among the collection of bowls, buckets and accessories they created is this sterling piece, coated with a gleaming 24-karat-gold finish. $2,315, puiforcat.com A Moment in Time Crafted by acclaimed Japanese designer Oki Sato for fine-watch retailer the Hour Glass’s 40th anniversary, the brushed-aluminum Cubic Clock is simple geometry: a cube, for all intents and purposes, with two slivers taken from a corner. These pieces serve as the clock’s hands, moving about hour after hour, until they appear to fold back into…

the duel

Partying fraudsters Jho Low and Jordan Belfort ripped off thousands of people for millions—even billions. Low found his illicit fortune through Malaysia’s 1MDB, a state-owned investment fund that diverted money to him, former prime minister Najib Razak and others. Meanwhile, Belfort’s brokerage Stratton Oakmont swindled by buying stocks low, pumping up the price, dumping them on investors and profiting from the inflated value. Low and Belfort are inextricably linked, but how do their crimes actually compare? BELFORT, LOW, DRUGS, THE WOLF OF WALL STREET, EQUANIMITY, DOLLARS: SHUTTERSTOCK; LOW’S HOLLYWOOD HILLS ESTATE: DOUGLAS ELLIMAN…

have kids, will travel (yes, even here)

Family travel doesn’t have to mean kids’ menus and long lines for the roller coaster. High-end locations around the world are elevating their offerings to include unique and exciting options for children of all ages, from survival-skills courses to zip-line adventures, all while adults enjoy the type of superlative accommodations, cuisine and attractions they would expect from any luxury destination. Here, four ways to truly get away—without leaving the kids behind. Hawaii: Four Seasons Resort Lanai Located on the unspoiled southeastern coast of Lanai, the five-diamond Four Seasons Resort Lanai is beach luxury at its best, whether for spotting humpback whales from a private catamaran or having a cliff-side dinner at Nobu Lanai. FOR THEM: “The aerial adventure course allows kids to traverse over 70 obstacles in a two-tiered adventure tower,” says Larry…

fishing from on high

The Rio Palena Lodge, the newest property from Eleven Experience, is set on a scenic stretch of river in the dramatic Lake District of Chilean Patagonia. It’s isolated in the best sense, an hour or so down a long dirt road reachable only after three or four flights from America. And it takes advantage of the secluded location, whisking anglers by helicopter to nearby lakes for truly extraordinary fishing. These hard-to-reach lakes, otherwise accessible only by horseback or arduous daylong treks, can be reached by a helicopter ride of 15 memorable minutes over lush green Andean peaks. (Our chopper was captained by Gabriel, a former pilot in the Chilean Air Force with over 2,000 hours in the cockpit.) Land next to remote Lago Cofré, for example, and you’ll find that your…