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Singapore Tatler March 2019

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around asia

Angela Cheng-Matsuzawa, Yolanda Choy-Tang, Emily Lam-Ho and Tansy Lau-Tom from EcoDrive, a female-fronted NGO that fights single-use plastic, were among the industry leaders who attended the inaugural Asia Tatler Sustainability Forum at Soneva Kiri. One of the region’s most successful movie stars, Tony Leung graces the cover in celebration of being the recipient of the inaugural Chaplin Award for Asia. Kiera Chaplin presented Leung with the award at the recent Shangliu Tatler Ball in Shanghai. Seven brilliant young creatives—Christian Soeseno Boenarso, Adinda Kuntadi, Jovita Widjaja-Roesli, Ramadhania Bakrie, Vannya Istarinda, Arsyah Rasyid and Maudy Ayunda—share the secrets of their success. On the cover are Bo Yi Hou, chairman of Universal Cement Corporation, together with his sons Jack and Johnson, who are now helping him run the family business. They talk about how they keep…

forward thinkers

AS I PEN THIS MONTH’S NOTE, news of German fashion meister Karl Lagerfeld’s passing started appearing on my social media feed. Then came an avalanche of tribute on mainstream media. Chanel’s extremely low-profile CEO Alain Wertheimer probably put it best: “Thanks to his creative genius, generosity and exceptional intuition, Karl Lagerfeld was ahead of his time, which widely contributed to the House of Chanel’s success throughout the world. Today, not only have I lost a friend, but we have all lost an extraordinary creative mind to whom I gave carte blanche in the early 1980s to reinvent the brand.” For three decades, Lagerfeld thought out of the box, rejected the status quo and tore down the walls—all in pursuit of creativity and to present fashion in unprecedented ways. Like the style…

team effort

WHEN IT COMES TO A SUCCESSFUL photo shoot, a small village’s worth of people skilled in the fine art of creating striking images are called upon to spring into action, calibrating everything from the exact angle of winged eyeliner to the intensity of a precisely placed light. For this month’s cover story, we had the pleasure of welcoming Michelle Yong, Winnie Chan and Yu Yah-Leng into this Singapore Tatler village, and they made two days of back-to-back shooting a really fun experience for everyone. After all, the three of them are no strangers to the importance of collaboration and community. For management consultant-turned-business innovator Michelle, who is on the cover, helming the Aurum group—a subsidiary of construction conglomerate Woh Hup—has meant coming up with new concepts to extend the vitality of the…

time stands still

WE HAVE LONG APPRECIATED THE finest forms of watches and modern art on their own terms, but Berd Vay’e is hoping to take this admiration to another level. Founded in 2014 by avid art collectors and horological connoisseurs, Eddie Kurayev, Albert Akbashev and Amit Verna, the New York-based company is known for its limited-edition modern art sculptures that showcase the complexity of watch movements. Its latest release, Passage Through Time, is an hourglass-shaped sculpture that features actual Swiss-made mechanical components from vintage timepieces sourced by expert curators. The gears are meticulously polished and restored by artisans and then placed individually into layers of liquid Lucite, a high-tech material used as optical grade acrylic sheets in submarines and helicopters, that is poured into a mould. The entire piece is then baked and…

on the right note

THE JAZZ ASSOCIATION (SINGAPORE) LOOKS TO BROADWAY FOR inspiration this year, titling its biennial benefit gala dinner, Some Enchanted Evening, after the hit tune from the 1949 Rodgers and Hammerstein musical, South Pacific. And what an enchanting evening it promises to be as two jazz maestros—American vocalist Kenny Washington and Singaporean icon Jeremy Monteiro—are set to serenade guests at the gala dinner on April 5, at the Tower Ballroom of Shangri-La Hotel, Singapore. Founded by Monteiro and fellow jazz enthusiasts, Susan Peh and Albert Chiu, the non-profit organisation seeks to raise funds to further its goal of nurturing local jazz musicians and building awareness about the musical genre, including among the underprivileged. Monteiro explains, “We work with the underserved, bringing music to such communities where it can be a source of…

rumour mill

ALL HELL BREAKS LOOSE Never would you expect to find this toffee-nosed lady in a two-dollar store, until an acquaintance posted an Instagram story for posterity. But what was more embarrassing was the mess her tykes made, as they ran amok—leading to criticism about said madam’s parenting style. SHAME ON YOU She was invited as a guest, but one businesswoman hijacked the anniversary party of her ex-husband’s enterprise for her own benefit, telling friends she was also celebrating her birthday, so they should come bearing gifts and champagne. COP OUT One first-time party organiser realised that he had been too eager about inviting every Tom, Dick and Harry when the champagne ran out midway through the event. What’s worst: he didn’t see any of his friends the whole night. Turns out, they were all stuck…