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Tatler Singapore July 2019

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around asia

The Travel Issue’s cover story profiles philanthropist Anne Wang-Liu, who has segued from a career in banking to influential roles in key charity groups. The mother of two talks about nurturing the arts, helping others and how travel opens the mind. In this special Eid al-Fitr edition, politician and women’s rights activist Yenny Wahid, who is the second daughter of the late Indonesian president Abdurrahman Wahid, talks about family traditions and values that enrich life. In light of World Environment Day, eco-conscious couples—Zatashah and Aubry Mennesson, and Melissa and Daryl Foong—talk about their green activism and how they are changing the way they operate their businesses. For this Design Issue, we head to Tokyo for a look at star architect Sou Fujimoto’s next project, a landmark edifice built in collaboration with the Calma…

leap of faith

THERE ARE VERY FEW PLACES IN THE world where a rush of excitement and a jolt of energy become palpable the minute you walk down the street. For me, and I suspect many others, nowhere is this best experienced and epitomised than in New York City. French writer and intellectual Simone de Beauvoir once noted that “there is something in the New York air that makes sleep useless”—an apt description of the relentless ambition encapsulated in The City that Never Sleeps. To this day, even with the rapid rise of many cosmopolitan cities on our side of the world, New York retains its distinct allure and continues to capture the imagination of the bold and adventurous. It especially draws the dreamers, who come in droves in hopes of making a mark…

if you can make it here…

HOW DO WE ROLL DURING a Singapore Tatler shoot in New York City? First, we fly non-stop on Singapore Airlines business class to make sure we arrive fresh and ready to take on the Big Apple. Then, we piled into a bus spilling with Louis Vuitton, Prada, Valentino and Gucci threads, and more shoes than anyone could wear in a month. And there was also a car with two security guards following our van, carrying Bvlgari high jewellery pieces worth more than a million dollars. As the Tatler crew, together with cover stars Brandon and Julien Leo, and Mae Tan, hopped from Brooklyn to different spots all over Manhattan, a fantastic soundtrack was played in the background. The cover trio kept everyone’s spirits energised by playing DJ, lining up the best…

perfect pair

GREAT PERFUMERY IS AN ART AND VERY FEW perfume houses have mastered the olfactory realm as well as Henry Jacques. The French haute parfumerie introduces the second chapter of its Les Toupies collection of rare masterpieces, with the No 16 de HJ and No 81 de HJ, weaving another captivating tale of life and romance, which started with the Mr H and Mrs Y pair launched last year. Meticulously crafted over two years, the No 16 and No 81 are composed of distinctly different characteristics with beautifully balanced layers. The fragrances also break out of standard olfactory industry conventions with its use of lesser-known ingredients such as ambrette, a vegetal musk, and the finest Haitian vetiver. The more feminine No 16 is anchored with notes of Rosa centifolia, Florentine iris and…

a beautiful cause

BACK IN THE 1970S, SEOW PECK LENG, founding president of the Singapore Women’s Association (SWA), started organising beauty pageants for charity, using it as a platform to encourage women to help the underprivileged and less fortunate. The late politician, educator and advocate for women’s rights may have passed on in 2007, but her legacy—and fervent enthusiasm to push beauty pageantry as a tool for doing good—remains. This is why the annual Miss Singapore International beauty pageant will continue to headline the programme of the 44th SWA Charity Gala Dinner on July 13 at the Grand Copthorne Waterfront Singapore. Winners will be invited to participate in the Miss International and Miss Supranational beauty pageants held later this year in Japan and Poland, respectively. Funds raised will go towards supporting SWA’s beneficiaries, including…

rumour mill

FALLING STAR He may have built a successful eponymous fashion brand from scratch, but this flamboyant designer has rubbed several of his high-profile clients the wrong way with his poor time management skills and lack of after-sales service. What’s worst, they’ve even asked their friends to boycott him altogether. OPEN SECRET A matron going through a bitter divorce didn’t bother to hide her extramarital affair, bringing her new boyfriend to a friend’s dinner party one recent weekend. She later made guests even more uncomfortable when she joked about the other occasions she has cheated on her husband—and vice versa. CLUB ROYALTY The city has a new (party) princess. This Versace-loving lady has been spotted out and about at different nightclubs almost every week, each time surrounded by a different group of beautiful people and splashing…