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Tatler Singapore September 2019

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around asia

The Sustainability Issue profiles Novetex Textiles CEO Ronna Chao, who is pioneering a waterless textile upcycling process that has the potential to revolutionise the fashion industry. Five local entrepreneurs also share innovative solutions for eco-friendly living. Restaurateur and foodie Rani Anggraini Safitri’s love for Indonesian food, culture and diversity pervades her life. The successful entrepreneur talks about how she built her business, Fish Streat, from a small eatery to a thriving group of restaurants. On the cover is hotelier Datuk Lai Voon Hon, one of the five individuals featured in a story that details how key businesses in Malaysia are protecting the environment. Elsewhere, M for Malaysia chronicles the moments leading up to a historic change in the country’s governance. Sustainable travel takes centre stage with globetrotting entrepreneur Jeremy Jauncey, who discusses his…

fashion arsenal

If there’s one place that excels in chronicling fashion’s impact on society, it’s the Victoria and Albert (V&A) Museum in London. The first time I wandered in there was in 2004, just as it was staging a Vivienne Westwood retrospective, reportedly the largest exhibition the V&A has devoted to a British designer. Witnessing the evolution of her work and seeing how a brand embodied a movement cemented for me the idea that fashion isn’t just an art, it’s a cultural force. Fashion literally touches each and every one of us and its profound influence is evident in its scale. The McKinsey Global Fashion Index estimates that the US$2.4 trillion industry would be the seventh-largest economy when compared to the GDP of individual countries. Despite the breadth of its reach, however, I…

down memory lane

Transformation can happen overnight, across decades, or with one flick of the expert hands of a hairstylist. Like a Met Gala of memories, our cover photo shoot served as a mini exhibition of the style evolution of four society ladies; it bridged the novelty of autumn/winter 2019 selections with the nostalgia surrounding some of the women’s archival fashion pieces. Mother-and-daughter duo Ginny Ng and Dawn Koh’s roles as matriarch and protege constantly switched as they sorted through their personal Prada collections, and revealed how they inspire each other’s style. Caroline Low-Heah, who has always stuck to her guns as one of Dior’s most loyal customers in Singapore, stepped out of her comfort zone for our shoot and embraced a seasonal look she normally wouldn’t have picked out. While the ensemble featured the…

raise a toast

As far as posh cocktails go, The Bar at the Baccarat Hotel New York has the Last Word—or at least an elevated take on the classic Prohibition-era cocktail that consists of equal parts gin, green chartreuse, maraschino liqueur and lime juice. First created in the 1920s by vaudeville performer Frank Fogarty at the Athletic Club Bar in Detroit, the cocktail was priced at US$0.35—the club’s most expensive drink at the time. Today, the Baccarat Hotel’s modern-day version, named L’Imperial, will set you back by US$5,000. Why the hefty price tag? For one, exceptional spirits are used: a rare green chartreuse dating between 1921 and 1926, priced at US$1,150 per serving, gives the cocktail its edge, while Nolet’s Reserve gin and cherry oak-aged maraschino liqueur are also used in the concoction. It…

saving sight

The myopia rate in Singapore is expected to spike in the next 20 years, according to a study by the Singapore National Eye Centre (SNEC), and this is primarily due to our sedentary lifestyle. Coupled with a rapidly ageing population, there is likely to be an increase in the demand for eye care. In 2016, SNEC and the Singapore Eye Research Institute (SERI) launched VisionSave, a philanthropic campaign promoting eye care research, treatment and delivery in Singapore and the region. Last year, the campaign raised nearly $1.3m at its annual fundraising gala, The Eye Ball, to further its efforts particularly in helping the underprivileged who are vision impaired. This year, SNEC and SERI hopes to bring VisionSave even closer to its fundraising target of $25m by 2020 with a spirited…

rumour mill

OUT OF FAVOUR One young socialite had been patiently waiting for her invitation to her best friend’s wedding, but it never came. She later found out that she had been intentionally left out of the guest list. Could it be a case of her friend’s new BFF not being too fond of the little missus? EXIT STAGE LEFT It came as no surprise to his colleagues when they heard that this scion’s father had removed him from his sales director role at the family business. Word has it that he has been putting in expense claims for late-night revelries with friends at karaoke bars as client entertainment.…