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Tatler Singapore April 2020

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TATLER HONG KONG In 2016, the Hong Kong-based filmmaker Craig Leeson focused the world’s attention on the pollution caused by single-use plastics in his documentary A Plastic Ocean. His latest project, The Last Glaciers, presents an equally startling view of the real-life impact of global warming on the world’s ice caps. SHANGLIU TATLER Bai Yunfeng, the representative director, president and CEO of China Boqi Environmental Solutions Technology (Holding), discusses how his company, which focuses on new energy and local desulphurisation projects, is merging high technology with environmental protection. TATLER INDONESIA Despite her global success from collaborations with Chris Brown, French Montana and Juicy J, cover star Agnez Mo, born Agnes Monica, has remained true to her roots and refuses to live up to anyone’s expectations besides her own. TATLER SINGAPORE When you think of…

life, interrupted

In the late 1990s, everyone wondered what the new century would hold. Would we ride flying cars as the Jetsons had predicted? Would we transform into a society devoid of humanity like in the science fiction film Gattaca? Would everyone own an Aibo, the robotic dog released by Sony? Twenty years on, suffice to say the future is here and it looks different to what I had imagined it to be. As I write this, everyone is facing the new normal—we are all locked down in one way or another as a response to the coronavirus pandemic. We may be able to work from home efficiently through Slack and Zoom, to entertain ourselves while under quarantine by watching Netflix or Tik Tok and, more importantly, to harness tracking and communication technology…

blue skies ahead

The Beast from the East—an enormous snowstorm that battered the UK at the end of February—nearly ended this month’s cover shoot before it began. The crew woke to sub-zero temperatures, howling winds and a blanket of snow on the ground, so were ready to give up on their plans to photograph cover star Craig Leeson outdoors in a London park—but Leeson was determined to push ahead. Leeson, who is best known for directing the 2016 documentary A Plastic Ocean, is used to extreme temperatures. Over the past few years, the filmmaker and journalist has travelled to some of the coldest places on the planet as part of his mission to record the rapid and worrying melting of glaciers for his next documentary, The Last Glaciers, which is set to be released…


TOM HOOPS British photographer Tom Hoops has been shooting portraits and fashion for almost 20 years. His work—which has featured actors, royals and politicians—has been exhibited internationally and appeared in publications such as The Washington Post, Porter and Leica’s S magazine. He now splits his time between the UK and Thailand, where he photographed Philip Huang and Chomwan Weeraworawit with their children (p.208) JESSICA IREDALE Jessica Iredale is a fashion journalist based in New York City. She was previously a senior editor and fashion critic at Women’s Wear Daily, covering American luxury designers and reviewing runway collections in New York, London, Milan and Paris. She has contributed to WSJ magazine, Town & Country, Surface and Air Mail. For Tatler, she ponders the question: would you ever give up travel? (p.182) KIET DUONG - photographer Kiet…

past perfect

The influence of yesteryears reigned at the Tatler Design Awards 2020, which embraced a “modern retro” theme for its fourth edition. The Alkaff Mansion was decorated with Seventies touches and guests playfully dressed to match the theme, many donning ensembles with bold patterns and vibrant hues. The retro appeal was evident right at the entrance—guests were greeted by a colourful alcove decorated by Roche Bobois, a French brand with 70 years of heritage. The lounge featured the iconic Mah Jong sofa set designed by Hans Hopfer for Roche Bobois, upholstered in vibrant textiles from Missoni Home. Another surprise awaited guests upstairs: the bar area was given an artistic flourish with a pop-up exhibition by Gallery 1819. On display were artworks by Cultural Medallion recipient Thomas Yeo, which were accompanied with paintings by…

memory game

How would you define your approach to design? I think of a designer as being similar to a chef—we have to master the technical skills and techniques to do the job. With these skills, we create something unique that sets us apart from our peers. In order to do this, my co-founder Terence and I search for a “local ingredient” to use in our designs. We visit the local spaces around the city that we’re working in and try to identify what’s unique to the place. We’ll then weave that piece of culture or tradition into our design and present it in a way that’s different from how it has been typically used. What do you think about Asia’s design scene today? These days, many designers turn to social media platforms such as…