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editor’s letter

The Weekly turns 22 this month, and I’m like a proud mama who’s seen this baby grow up and evolve through the years to stay relevant to the time-challenged working woman. Tastes may change, and we now encounter each other on multiple platforms, but one thing remains: The Weekly’s DNA of wanting to help women be better, more confident versions of themselves. That’s why this 22nd Anniversary issue is super power packed. It’s filled with stories that move – stories of strength, stories of ambition... so that you, too, know what you’re capable of. I’m thrilled that The Weekly has the honour of giving a voice to so many women here in Singapore. Through the years, the Great Women Of Our Time Awards has celebrated over 250 outstanding women who…

fright night

Robin Thicke is… BEETLEJUICE Musician Robin and his stripey suit belong in the past, just like Tim Burton’s kooky 1988 film, Beetlejuice. Both are horrifying! Amber Heard is… SWAMP THING While the American beauty usually looks immaculate on the red carpet, this putrid shade of green makes her seem a little more swampy than vampy. Britney Spears is… THE EXORCIST The pop princess loves to show off how flexible she is on Instagram but is she just keeping herself fit and fabulous or is she gunning for a role in the next Exorcist reboot? Lady Gaga is… CRUELLA DE VIL What’s black, white and furry all over? It’s Lady Gaga, who bears a strong resemblance to Cruella de Vil, the villainess in Disney’s 101 Dalmatians. Karlie Kloss is… JASON The supermodel’s beauty routine kind of makes us want to…

project runway

These days, celebrities and fashion are two peas in the same entertainment pod, and it seems like more stars are signing on to take a stab at making their name in the fashion and beauty industries. We trace the glitter-paved road that began in the 90s, and recount the wows and woes of celeb-started fashion brands. JENNIFER LOPEZ Jennifer Lopez is almost always in a dramatic couture dress, but in 2001, things were looking very different for JLo. Named Sweetface, her line of womenswear was primed as a luxury celeb label, and featured plenty of styles that the ‘00s were known for. Low-cut jumpsuits? Check. Mini denim skirts? There were plenty. Cropped fur jackets? You bet. Sadly, Jennifer shuttered her brand in 2009. VICTORIA BECKHAM A woman who needs no introduction, the ex-Spice Girls…

the cover look

Get cover girl Sheila Sim’s flawless face with Shiseido Makeup. As part of our birthday celebrations, we are giving away 10 makeup sets, each worth $286, comprising Shiseido Makeup’s brand new, long-lasting Synchro Skin Self-Refreshing Cushion Compact; the wonderfully-fine Invisible Silk Loose Powder (Matte); Visionary Gel Lipstick in 222 Ginza Red; Brow Ink Trio in 02 Taupe; and ImperialLash MascaraInk. Shiseido is available at leading department stores, Sephora, Lazada and Zalora. TO TAKE PART, VISIT www.womensweekly.com.sg Or, you can take part in this giveaway simply by scanning this QR Code. Promotion valid from September 23 to October 22, 2019. Enter code: shiseido#1019 to increase your chances of winning. Winners will be notified via email by end of October 2019. Promotion is open to all residents of Singapore, other than employees and their…

shiny, happy sheila

‘It’s very important to set aside time for yourself ’ The Moncler Richard Quinn daisy-adorned catsuit is created for one woman: Sheila Sim. Standing at 1.73 m, the model-actress bears no qualms when asked to slip into the figure-hugging onesie. On the rack it looks… childish almost… but as she emerges from the dressing room, the outfit evolves, coming into full bloom in front of the camera on a star who is confident and completely in charge of her body. “It’s the daisy outfit!” Sheila declares with a grin when I tell her that I love her enthusiasm at our cover shoot. Despite the early morning call-time, the star is full of vitality from start to finish. “I’ve got to customise something like that for when I’m unhappy, I’ll wear it in…

5 steps to happiness

[1] Make Time: “It’s very important to set aside time not just for the people you love, but also yourself.” [2] Find Your Kin: “It is said you are a combination of the five people you are closest to, so it’s important to surround yourself with good people who have good energy.” [3] Pick Up A Book: “We should all strive to read more. I keep a Kindle on my bedside table so I can read before bed.” [4] Get Healthy: “Exercise releases endorphins so try to keep a healthy lifestyle.” [5] Be Mindful: “I meditate daily and since I started practising, I've been able to manage my stress better.”…