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Singapore Women's Weekly February 2020


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editor’s letter

I can’t get over how beautiful our cover for this month looks! For the love issue, we wanted to feature a celebrity couple and were thrilled when the private Joanne Peh and Qi Yuwu agreed to be our cover stars. It was quite an experience seeing the chemistry between the two. Once Yuwu, who is usually more cautious in front of the camera, started to relax, we knew we were going to get some special shots. Turn to page 14 to read their love story. Joanne and Yuwu admit that their marriage is a work in progress, that they constantly have to keep at it, investing in their relationship. It’s easy to be consumed by the busyness of work and kids, and unwittingly cause the relationship to suffer. So, in this…

future gazing

Maya Hawke With Ethan Hawke and Uma Thurman as parents, it is little wonder that Maya has the acting chops to catapult to superstardom. Besides Stranger Things, she will star in a Sofia Coppola flick next. Ayden Sng This straight-As Raffles Institution alum is already getting lots of buzz as local television’s Next Big Thing, but wait… that’s not all. Besides acting, Ayden can also play the piano, violin and erhu. Lashana Lynch You’ll see her in the next Bond instalment, No Time To Die, where she plays a secret agent. Her role has tongues wagging because she’s rumoured to take over as the legendary spy after Daniel Craig leaves the role. Jasmine Sokko With her face obscured 24/7, Jasmine is a total enigma. That could have led to her win at the 2019 MTV Europe Music…

trend watching

1 Hangover, Move Over This year could be the time to say goodbye to the dreaded hangover as more drink makers serve up low-alcohol or no-alcohol alternatives like the Heineken 0.0. 2 Creamy & Dreamy A 2-in-1 hybrid like the Cream Skin from Laneige, softens the skin like a toner but provides tonnes of moisture like a cream, and looks like it will be the new go-to for die-hard beauty lovers. 3 Marigold Mania Based on the Spring/Summer 2020 runways at New York Fashion Week, this not-quite-mustard-not-quite-gold hue is set to dominate our wardrobes.…

the look of love

“Can we play a little Rod Stewart?” asks Joanne Peh as she settles into another pose; her arm gently draped over her husband’s knee, gazing up at him expectantly. Qi Yuwu, on his part, gives his wife a knowing smile as if a secret meted out between them. Without warning, they erupt into a pile of laughs. And not just any short giggle either. This chuckle is a laugh that’s hearty, deep and warm. A lived-in laugh, if you will, between a pair of lovers who are as comfortable in their skin as they are with each other. There’s also a closeness and a sense of security between them that’s electrifying in person, and can’t quite be put into words. From afar, Joanne, 36, and Yuwu, 43, are your quintessential celebrity couple:…

reel-life romance

Joanne and Yuwu knew each other professionally for 10 years before they started dating, and then tying the knot. Here were their most memorable roles on-screen: Beautiful Connection , 2002 This was Joanne and Yuwu’s first drama together, and we supposed it was the start of an *ahem* beautiful connection between them. I Love My Home , 2004 Two years later, the pair star on-screen again and their characters get married in this one. A sign of things to come? The Little Nyonya , 2008 The two are torn apart and paired up with other people, but no matter, there weren’t any sparks flying between them yet anyway. A Song To Remember , 2011 Thrown together in a period drama, A Song To Remember, Joanne and Yuwu are back in love as the two leads. C.L.I.F , 2011, 2013…

love lessons

Tracie Pang, 50, and Adrian Pang, 54 Tracie was the one who made the first move when she and Adrian met in London in the early 90s. They got married in 1995, welcomed two sons in quick succession, and then birthed their own theatre company, Pangdemonium, in 2010. “He doesn’t remember meeting me because he had a few drinks, so our second meeting was much better. It was in Singapore, and I caught him in the final performance of a show he was in. I remember he had impressive long, flowing hair, and leather jeans on. Who wears leather jeans in Singapore?” recalls Tracie. “She’s wrong, I do remember meeting her, and my first impression was ‘Wow, she’s tall! And hot. And tall!” jokes Adrian. The banter between the two flows quickly and easily,…