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editor’s letter

At some point in life, we’ve all wished for a super power. Growing up, I wanted to be a Care Bear (more specifically, Cheer Bear, the exuberant one who shot magical rainbows out of her belly, spreading joy everywhere). Oh the days when I’d stand in a row with my young cousins, sticking out our little tummies and shouting “Care Bears Stare”! Now that I’m a mum with three kids of my own, I know that change doesn’t happen by magic - change happens when people go out there and make things happen. Women straddle multiple roles every day: at home, we are nurturing mothers, supportive wives, filial daughters, devoted sisters, and confidantes to our best friends. Professionally, we are visionaries, entrepreneurs, connectors, innovators, and motivators. We’re constantly juggling our time between work…

rebel royals

Prince Harry of England In an unprecedented move that caught the Queen by surprise, Prince Harry steps back as a senior royal earlier this year and plans to live the quiet life with Meghan and Archie in Canada. King Maha Vajiralongkorn of Thailand Before his elevation to the top of the Thai monarchy, he was a notorious party boy who even made his poodle an official Air Chief Marshal. Sultan Muhammad V of Malaysia He’s the first Malaysian King to abdicate the throne. He did so after marrying a former Russian beauty queen, whom he then divorced after one year of marriage. Princess Cristina of Spain She’s the first member of the Spanish royal family to ever appear in court and stand trial after being accused of fraud. Princess Stephanie of Monaco The daughter of American actress Grace Kelly,…

who is that girl i see?

You will be seeing Liu Yifei, staring straight back at you from the big screen when Mulan hits theatres on March 26. She plays the feisty and honourable, titular character in Disney’s live-action remake. Here, we’ve got some trivia on the Chinese actress ahead of the film’s debut: • Yifei may be 32 years old in real life, but she will step into the role of a 16-year-old girl. • While she is one of China’s most bankable actresses, Yifei is relatively unknown on the international stage. • She beat 1,000 actresses to get the lead role in Mulan after casting directors auditioned candidates in at least five continents. • The actress was born in the Chinese city of Wuhan, and stayed in Brooklyn, New York for four years in her teens. • She loves…

star search

Where? PS Cafe Who will you spot there? Jay Chou hit up the swanky spot when he was in town for his concert and even treated the fans he met during his visit. Where? Newton Food Centre Who will you spot there? Brie Larson and Gemma Chan tucked into satay, sambal stingray and BBQ chicken wings when they visited the hawker centre. Where? Jumbo Seafood Who will you spot there? Everyone from Korean boy bands to Hollywood heavyweight Reese Witherspoon has eaten at this famed eatery. Where? 328 Katong Laksa Who will you spot there? Stars who have dined here over the years include HK celebs Donnie Yen, Ekin Cheng and Raymond Lam. Where? Marina Bay Sands Who will you spot there? David Beckham, Jamie Foxx, Andrew Garfield and Tom Hanks are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to celeb sightings at MBS.…

fighting the good fight

british actress Jameela Jamil could be satisfied starring in hit television shows, walking multiple red carpets and basking in the glow of celebrity, but she is not. A rising star, thanks to her role in NBC’s The Good Place, alongside Ted Danson and Kristen Bell (the show airs on Netflix in Singapore), Jameela has also taken on a side job, that of an outspoken activist who wants the world to know that girls and women have more to offer than just their beauty. Fed up with societal expectations, the Indian-Pakistani starlet started a movement called “I Weigh” in 2018 through an Instagram account, where she encourages women to post images of themselves and reveal how much they weigh – not in kilos – but in qualities they are proud of, such as…

change agents

The Model Activist KELLY TANDIONO 33, Fly Entertainment artiste A multi-hyphenate who dabbles in modelling, acting and endurance sports, Kelly wants to use her voice for good by advocating for children's access to education through the Happy Hearts Foundation. On what makes her a trailblazer: “I always believed that if you come from a position of privilege, it’s your duty to give back to people who have less. Advocacy has made me a better person and a better woman because it reminds me to be thankful for what I have, and since I have this platform, why not try to make someone else’s life better too?” On how she’s pushing for change: “I’m part of two organisations: The World Wildlife Fund and Happy Hearts Foundation. I’ve been the ambassador for Happy Hearts for four years…