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Chan Siew Boon Head of Digital Imaging Best things about CNY? “1) Going back to my hometown: Ipoh, Malaysia. 2) Eating a lot of traditional local delicacies. 3) Rest and relaxation, because it’s a public holiday.” What does Chinese New Year mean to you? “Family gatherings. There’s nothing better than spending well-deserved quality time with my loved ones.” Eileen Chia Head of Product & Partnerships – Women’s Network Best things about CNY? “1) Catching up with family and extended family members. 2) Dressing up my boys in matchy-matchy auspicious outfits (much to their dismay). 3) Two words: Pineapple tarts!” What do you hope relatives will not ask you this year? “If we are going to try for a girl, or kid number four (we already have three boys!)” Kenneth Ong Contributor Best things about Chinese New Year? “1) Gambling. 2) Drinking. 3) Flirting with eligible bachelorettes.” What does Chinese…

editor’s letter

Wow, there’s so much in store as February springs upon us. With the Lunar New Year falling mid-month, The Weekly is here to get you ready and feeling fab in less time, and with less stress. We’ve got easy, stylish home-organising startegies (page 120) to get your space all ready for guests. And do you really need that dress hanging in your closet for the past three years? Fashion stylist Aaron Kok tells you what to dump (or donate), keep, or invest in to look chic this year (page 66). I like what self-care educator Eleanor Brownn says, “Clutter is not just physical stuff. It’s old ideas, toxic relationships and bad habits – anything that does not support your better self.” How true! Make this your best year yet by dumping old…

love   takes time

FAYE WONG AND NICHOLAS TSE These Hong Kong pop stars got back together in 2014, a whopping 11 years after going their separate ways, proving that true love never dies. JENNY SLATE AND CHRIS EVANS Jenny and Captain America himself are giving love another try! The stars, who previously broke up a year ago, have started seeing each other again after a short break. ADAM LEVINE AND BEHATI PRINSLOO It took dating someone else for the Maroon 5 frontman to realise Victoria’s Secret model Behati Prinsloo was the one. After a brief breakup, he promptly proposed to the blonde bombshell. SELENA GOMEZ AND JUSTIN BIEBER Things are looking up for Selena and Justin. The pair went separate ways more than five years ago but recently reunited, to the delight of #Jelena fans everywhere. MEGAN FOX AND BRIAN AUSTIN…

the buzz

Oscar Swag Bag With goodies packed into bursting gift bags, the Academy Awards attendees never leave home empty-handed, even when they miss out on a gold statue. From the outrageous to the simply luxurious, here’s a compilation of the best ones. Barking Besties Don’t pick a bone with these famous faces! Not only were they born in the Year of the Dog, they are also big-time puppy lovers. It’s little wonder celebs like Mariah Carey and J.Lo are so drawn to their furry friends: Those born in the Year of the Dog are said to be loyal and have a strong sense of responsibility, much like their canine companions. Fifty Shades Frenzy Once, a typical Valentine’s Day would consist of a fancy dinner and a bouquet of roses, but women have racier expectations now. Industry…

in full bloom

Fresh from her honeymoon to Europe, where she and fellow actor husband Jeremy Chan traversed Italy, Spain and Portugal, Jesseca Liu wistfully recalls how she misses the beauty and architecture of the Mediterranean. “Europe is so romantic,” she muses during our cover shoot at Mita Kelder Photography’s sprawling home studio, in between sips of bird’s nest soup from her flask. “I loved Florence best; just walking through the cobbled streets is so enjoyable and relaxing.” It was also in Florence that a bird unexpectedly pooped on Jeremy’s head, just as they were contemplating whether to enter a restaurant. “It was so funny because a huge flock of birds flew by suddenly, and before we knew it, there were bird droppings on Jeremy’s head,” Jesseca recalls with a chuckle. “Of course I had to…

she lost 7 kg for marry me !

1 She’s a bona fide bikini babe Famous for donning a bikini for scenes in Mandarin dramas The Champion (2004) and Marry Me (2013), there’s no doubt that Jesseca dares to bare. To look perfect in her bikini scenes for Marry Me, Jesseca lost 7 kg – but the weight loss came at a price. She frequently felt cold and weak on set, and said her bust size also decreased. 2 You can rent her apartment If you need a place for the night in Langkawi, Jesseca recently listed an apartment on Airbnb. Her sister helps manage the property and guests. “So far, we’ve had a few tourists book the place – but none of my fans have yet,” she said with a laugh. 3 She once considered gaslighting her ex-boyfriend “I thought of messing…