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Singapore Women's Weekly June 2018

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editor’s letter

In an ideal world, we’d have a couple of hours a day spent at the gym working out with a personal trainer. But if you’re in the same universe as the one I’m in – the universe where work, kids, childcare and homework orbit at a furious pace around us, exercise is but a shooting star. That’s a problem… because we need to take care of ourselves. It’s not an obsession, nor a luxury. When we are healthy and strong, we are naturally happier (thank the endorphins) and we’ll have more energy to cope with what life throws our way. You’ll find yourself moving more confidently, your clothes will fall better, and you’ll definintely have less swimsuit anxiety! This month, we want to get you to that place with our…

the second act

VERA WANG After failing to qualify for the US figure skating team in 1968, Vera decided to follow her other dream and became a journalist. She only embarked on a career as a fashion designer at age 40. VENUS WILLIAMS The tennis pro is hoping to score a grand slam off the courts with her own interior decorating firm called V*Starr, which takes on projects like set design and high-end residential makeovers. GEORGE CLOONEY One of our favourite heartthrobs, George is a multi-hyphenate through and through. Not content with being an actor, director and producer, he’s also a tequila baron who sold his business for US$1 billion (S$1.31 billion). EUNICE OLSEN This former Miss Singapore Universe was a Nominated Member of Parliament, before setting her sights on infinity and beyond as a strategic adviser to Space for…

fit list

The Track Break Free by Ariana Grande Quicker track, quicker legs. You’ll be busy concentrating on Ariana’s strong affirmations that come on at a strong 130 BPM, instead of your aching limbs. The Track The Edge of Glory by Lady Gaga This thumping 140 BPM track will make you feel as if you have your very own cheerleader, urging you onwards and upwards towards the finish line. The Track Runnin’ (Lose It All) by Naughty Boy featuring Beyoncé The lyrics consistently repeat the word “run”, so what’s a girl to do? She runs. And runs and runs. This has a BPM of 140, and will allow you to take a stride per beat. The Track Water Under The Bridge by Adele At just 95 BPM, Adele’s voice will guide your pumping heart back down to its resting rate, while the lyrics distract the mind from…

meet the team

Tara Barker Group Editor What makes you feel confident? When my skin looks nice after diligently using moisturiser and sunscreen. Dry skin looks terrible and really ages you. Botox, fillers, laser treatments: Sometimes you need to pull out the big guns to get results. Gel nails for that “bosslady-meets-gangsta” vibe. Can you share an empowering quote with us? A plus-sized model I admire, Ali Tate, once said “To conform to anyone else’s standards of beauty is to change your essence. Own who you are, and you become a powerful woman.” Candy Lim-Soliano Contributor What makes you feel confident? Working out: I feel good when I’m fit. Intelligence: Knowing that I can hold my own in a conversation. Good hair days! Can you share an empowering quote with us? I totally relate to P!nk when she said, “I know I’m not at my…

girl power!

WIN! THE COVER LOOK Get Maggie Q’s earth goddess look with cruelty-free makeup from The Body Shop. We are giving away five The Body Shop hampers, worth $167.70 each, consisting of The Body Shop Fresh Nude Foundation, Smoky Eye Definer, Down To Earth Eyeshadow Quads palette, Brow Sculpt, Lash Hero Fibre Extension Mascara and Shine Lip Liquid in Apple Taffy. TO TAKE PART, VISIT www.womensweekly.com.sg Alternatively, scan this QR Code to participate in this promotion. Promotion valid from May 16 to June 15, 2017. Enter code: BS#0618 to increase your chances to win. Winners will be notified via email by end of June 2018. Promotion is open to all residents of Singapore, other than employees and their families of SPHM Pte Ltd and its associated agencies. COMPILED BY: AARON KOK / COVER IMAGE: © PATRICK…

the phoenix rises

In her role as a rogue assassin on Nikita, Maggie Q showed off a real tattoo: A phoenix in full flight, high on her upper thigh. It’s a telling symbol, a metaphor, almost, of the actress’s journey to fame, and a reminder of the struggles she had to overcome as a young actress. “When I moved to Asia from the US, it was tough for me,” says the 38-year-old, who was born and raised in Hawaii and left as a teenager to pursue modelling and acting in Hong Kong. Maggie adds, “It was a struggle to be a woman in the business. And I was poor, inexperienced and insecure. “Fortune tellers always told me I was a bird, and one day, an artist said, ‘You’re a phoenix because you’ve come from…