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Singapore Women's Weekly November 2018

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meet the team

Abigail Yeo Senior Account Manager, Beauty My favourite movie of all time is… “Titanic, as cliched as it sounds. I was young and with a runtime of 190 minutes, the movie was very long so it was totally worth its ticket price. Of course, the romantic story of Rose and Jack was also very captivating for a secondary school student!” Phyllicia Wang Assistant Photographer My favourite movie of all time is… “In The Mood For Love. It’s a classic masterpiece that keeps inspiring me with its beautiful cinematography and intimate love story. Also, Maggie Cheung’s selection of qipaos in the film is so stunning, I couldn’t take my eyes off them!” Hesta Foong Head of Publishing Services My favourite movie of all time is… “Harry Potter, all of them! The overall story is filled with mystery and set in a world…

editor’s letter

Do less, live more. We’re playing fairy godmother this month to help you do just that. We know you’re time challenged, busy with work and constantly trying to find time for the kids, for your man, for yourself. So, this issue is filled with tips and tricks to help you gain a little bit of calm amidst the madness. If you’re like me, you’ll wish for more time in the mornings. And here’s how: In “Wake Up And Go…”, pg 34, we share some clever beauty secrets, so you won’t have to spend too much time doing up your face ( just sorting out your brows alone can help you save precious minutes). Fashion stylist Aaron Kok has also risen to the challenge to scour the stores (so you won’t have…

swapped out

NATALIE PORTMAN & CLAIRE DANES While we can’t imagine another actress starring opposite Leonardo DiCaprio in Romeo + Juliet, Claire’s role first belonged to Natalie. However, producers decided she was too young in the end. ANNE HATHAWAY & KATHERINE HEIGL Oscar-winner Anne was originally cast in romantic comedy Knocked Up before Katherine took over. She reportedly dropped out because of the graphic pregnancy scene at the end of the movie. RUSSELL CROWE & HUGH JACKMAN The director’s first choice to play Wolverine in X-Men was Russell but scheduling conflicts got in the way. The role then went to fellow Aussie, Hugh, who’s since made the character an icon. ZHANG ZIYI & LI BINGBING Bingbing starred as the lead in little-known film Snow Flower and the Secret Fan after Ziyi quit to focus on another movie. We doubt…

the buzz

New-Gen Sizzlers Following in the footsteps of their famous parents, these gorgeous celeb spawns are making a splash in the entertainment scene, on-screen and off WHO: Joel Choo SON OF: Zhu Houren FAMOUS FOR: Appearing as a happy-go-lucky polytechnic student in television drama A Million Dollar Dream. The rookie actor is working on brushing up his Mandarin skills to woo viewers back to TV. WHO: Chris Pine SON OF: Robert Pine FAMOUS FOR: Starring as Captain Kirk in the Star Trek movies. He may be a star in his own right but did you know that his dad appeared in ’70s television show CHiPs? WHO: Nicholas Tse SON OF: Patrick Tse Yin FAMOUS FOR: Dating Faye Wong on and off for years. He’s also a pretty good actor and singer in Hong Kong but has recently taken to building a…

rebecca rising

The Asian remake of The Bridge has thrown up plenty of surprises since it was announced that streaming service Viu would be recreating the Swedish-Danish crime thriller, and this includes casting actress Rebecca Lim in its leading role. The princess of Singapore TV, Rebecca rarely chooses roles that require her to be anything other than the relatable girl-next-door. Her turn as Detective Serena Teo is taking the actress into unchartered waters as the character requires her to be blunt, straight-talking and socially awkward. “In recent years, I’ve been playing very likeable characters and TJ Lee [the co-director] thought this role would be a challenge for me since she’s quite difficult to like,” explains the 32-year-old star. “He said there was a very fine line between being annoying and having poor communication…

time fortheir curtain call

The Festival Flourisher Nicole Ong, 40, Marketing & Partnerships Director, Singapore International Film Festival (SGIFF) While filmmakers bring life, culture and art to our daily lives, it is film festivals that help spread these stories to audiences around the world. Enter Nicole, the newly minted Marketing & Partnerships Director for SGIFF, who oversees the propagation of high-quality creative films to the masses. “There are all these filmmakers in the industry but they’re only as good as it gets right? You need to be able to actually spread the good word about these filmmakers and their personal stories so that’s where I come in. I make sure that the festival gets heard,” says Nicole, who moonlights as a photographer on the side. “It’s also my role to look at how we are able to change…