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Successful Farming February 2020

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see you in san antonio

If the Farmers’ Almanac is spot on, then most of the Midwest should be blanketed in snow right now, and a trip to Commodity Classic 2020 in San Antonio, Texas, might be just what you need. This year’s event should be uplifting. After a roller coaster of a crop season in 2019, the outlook for 2020 gives us some hope for optimism in the season to come. This year, a large contingent of Successful Farming magazine and Agriculture.com editors will cover the event from the pre-Classic meetings to the close of the entire event, which runs Thursday, February 27, to Saturday, February 29. Maybe the Leap Year extra day will be a good omen for a positive season this year. By all means, join us at the Commodity Classic Main Stage presented…

frugal farmer

Are You a Frugal Farmer? Try some of these ideas in your shop this winter. Successful Farming magazine’s All Around the Farm® section features ideas from other farmers that can help save you time, money, and labor. The ideas are online, too! The inventions include practical ideas for farm shops, tools, equipment, and more. Agriculture.com/machinery/all-around-the-farm Enter the All Around the Farm® Contest Enter the All Around the Farm® Contest. Are you an inventive farmer with ideas for all around the farm? Fill out the form linked from this page and our editors will see if your idea is ready for the spotlight. Agriculture.com/machinery/all-around-the-farm Don’t miss out on what farmers are reading on Agriculture.com. STAY CONNECTED: Successful Farming @SuccessfulFarm successful_farming successfulfarm Illustrations: Happy Vector, Yulia Malinovskaya, Getty Images…

is hemp growing up?

Advocacy group Vote Hemp says industrial hemp plantings tripled from 2018 to 2019, but at 230,000 acres, hemp remained an infant crop, occupying half as much land as lentils or chickpeas. Acreage is expected to rise again this year, and the USDA is taking steps to help establish the crop. A pilot program offering multiperil crop insurance for hemp is available in select counties in 21 states this year for growers with at least one year’s experience with hemp and a contract for sale of the crop, says the Risk Management Agency. Hemp also can be covered via whole-farm policies. The Agricultural Marketing Service (AMS) issued its first approvals (Ohio, New Jersey, and Louisiana) of state plans to regulate hemp production under the 2018 Farm Bill, which legalized hemp cultivation. Seventeen…

in case you missed it

Biodiesel Tax Credit Available Through 2022 Revival of the $1-per-gallon biodiesel tax credit is “a positive signal” that will encourage growth of the industry, says the National Biodiesel Board. As part of a government funding bill for this year, Congress restored the credit retroactively to its expiration at the end of 2017 through the end of 2022. The funding bill also provided $1.5 billion in disaster relief for agriculture and extended the wind energy production tax credit for one year. Roughly one third of U.S. soy oil is used in making biodiesel. Farm groups and biofuels makers are skeptical the EPA will meet its promise that “a net of 15 billion gallons” of corn ethanol will be blended into gasoline this year after it accounts for exemptions given to small refineries. At…

they said it

“What will farmers plant in 2020?”Al Kluis gives his best forecast by listing 5 key factors to watch, p. 20“The trucking business is more PROFITABLE than the farming business today.”That’s just one Plan B you might consider during tough times, p. 34“They find new abilities to focus on rather than their disabilities.”Learn how one group holds rodeos to prove that abilities overcome disabilities, p. 54“WHEN YOU’RE CALM, THEY’RE CALM.”Temple Grandin breaks down her unique animal-handling philosophy, p. 48“When my wife rides with me, I have to sing to her, and she’s getting tired of that.”Not having a radio is a complaint one farmer tester had about the UTV he tested, p. 30…

joy parr drach

While Joy Parr Drach may have been born into a farm family who wanted sons but turned out daughters, her parents created the expectation that with hard work, girls could do anything boys could do. It’s a belief that has served her well as she pursued a career, which led to both starting and running companies focused on recognizing and filling the holes in ag. “I started my first company, Entira, because there was a gap in the market for consultants to help figure out the right strategy for a business and then stick around to help execute and make sure it worked,” Parr Drach says. Today, she is the president and CEO of Advanced Animal Diagnostics. Based in Morrisville, North Carolina, the company specializes in on-farm diagnostics and real-time information that…