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Successful Farming March 2020

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direct quotes

Each January, just after the start of the new year and in the bone-chilling cold of winter, about 900 people gather at the Land Investment Expo in Des Moines, Iowa. It’s become one of the must-see events in agriculture, bringing together investors, land brokers, farmers, and others to talk about the state of agriculture and beyond. Some of the speakers are provocative, some are entertaining (like Anthony Scaramucci), and most are just smart people with an interesting view of the landscape today. Here are two quotes from the daylong event that stood out to me. On Sustainability: Ken Isley, administrator for the USDA Foreign Agricultural Service, said it’s imperative that the U.S. be involved in the global dialogue about sustainability. If it doesn’t, “that’s a problem,” he said. “We’ve got to exert our…

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Watch Top Shops® to tour some of the best farm shops from around the country. Also, All Around the Farm® videos feature ideas from farmers that can help you save time, money, and labor. These farmer inventions include practical ideas for farm shops, tools, equipment, and more. In every Steel Deals report, take in an auction with our executive editor of machinery, Dave Mowitz. Find out what late-model, high-horsepower farm equipment is selling for. Travel around the country to see farmers’ collections of antique tractors. In each Ageless Iron® segment, collectors share the story behind their antique farm equipment and classic tractors. Tune in to our Ag Influencers series for a new and fresh perspective on what’s happening in rural America. You’ll hear from the Peterson Farm Brothers and more. Don’t miss out on what…

they said it

“It goes easy on the bees.”We tell you what’s coming in seed and chemical products, p. 46“This has really increased our plant food intake and the diversity of our diet overall.”Is a food delivery service an option for you? p. 61“I just want a system that gives me happy cows, clean water, and healthy soil.”How one farmer got all that by working WITH Mother Nature, p. 42“The best time to check an implement’s performance is while it is operating.”Tillage experts give tips to top yields, p. 32“Soil variability creates a tricky puzzle that is fun to try to solve each year.”Self-proclaimed soil nerd is most intrigued by what’s under her feet, p. 16…

power of crop protection

Without pesticides, more than half of our crops would be lost to pests and diseases. Crops compete with: 30,000 species of weeds3,000 species of worms10,000 species of plant-eating insects Crop-protection products increase yield and crop quality for an added value of: $51.4 billion in field crops$18.9 billion in nut and fruit crops$11.5 billion in vegetable crops Crop-protection products used with conservation tillage save 558 million gallons of fuel per year. Photography: ANDRZEJ WOJCICKI, EyeEm, YinYang from Getty Images; Data Sources: CropLife International, CropLife Foundation…

income on the rise

Higher crop and livestock revenue will propel U.S. farm income to its highest level since 2013, says USDA, forecasting the fourth year of recovery from the collapse of the commodity boom. USDA estimated last month that net farm income, a broad measure of profits, will reach $96.7 billion this year, up 3% from last year. This year’s income estimate includes the final $3.6 billion tranche of MFP payments for 2019 production and assumes no more trade war payments will be made. “That could change if the president thinks there is a need for new MFP payments,” says former USDA chief economist Joe Glauber. USDA says cash receipts from crops and livestock will increase by $10 billion, nearly matched by higher production expenses, mostly in feed, livestock, fuels, fertilizer, and pesticides. The 3%…

paul johnson

Paul Johnson has a passion for Cuba. Not only has he lived there, but also he is focused on building trade between the U.S. and Cuba, despite an embargo and limits on agricultural trade. Johnson is the chair of the United States Agriculture Coalition for Cuba, an organization with more than 100 members trying to promote two-way agricultural trade. He also visits Cuba several times a year and has taken business and political missions there to improve trade relations and investment between the U.S. and Cuba. SF: What is the current trade market with Cuba? PJ: We’re still exporting some, but the numbers are smaller. We’re at about $215 million dollars in exports from the U.S. to Cuba. It’s a $2 billion market, meaning Cuba imports $2 billion worth of food annually from…