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Successful Farming September 2020

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sight, sound, motion

Farmers enjoy watching videos online – especially short videos – for news and entertainment. According to exclusive research in the 2020 Successful Farming® “Farmers Use of Media” report, 68% of respondents say they like watching short online video content. This research is important for our editors and advertisers to understand the trending of farmers’ use of all sorts of media. We’ve been doing this research for decades, and our clients look to us for these insights on many topics. Because we have researched media usage for so long, we watch the trends of media as they emerge, such as the use of the internet, mobile phones, social media, and mobile apps. Of course we watch farmers’ use of magazines, newspapers, radio, and TV, as well. Of the farmers who watch videos online, here are…

be a machinery insider this fall!

Get the latest pricing information for late-model, low-hour equipment. Machinery editor Dave Mowitz highlights what equipment is selling for at auctions and on dealers’ lots. Tractor Zoom’s Ryan Roossinck tracks all the Interesting Iron, including an earsplitting tractor, a cream-puff classic Deere, a tractor named Sue, and a $106,000 Peterbilt. Get inspection pointers for hopper-bottom grain trailers. Learn more about machinery and auction prices on new and used equipment by clicking here. Click here to get Successful Farming Live from Alexa. STAY CONNECTED: Successful Farming @SuccessfulFarm successful_farming successfulfarm…

roger johnson

For years, as National Farmers Union president, Roger Johnson has been in the room when decisions affecting farmers were made in Washington, D.C. – testifying in Congress, attending meetings in the White House, and collaborating with other farm group leaders. He retired in March, after a career that started on his family’s fourth-generation farm in Turtle Lake, North Dakota. In 1996 he was elected that state’s agriculture commissioner and later became president of the National Association of State Departments of Agriculture (NASDA). Johnson is credited with improving financial management at NASDA and National Farmers Union, bringing helpful experience as a farmer credit counselor in the 1980s to both leadership roles. SF: How did you get your start representing farmers? RJ: I grew up in Farmers Union. I went to its summer camps.…

green energy

SOLAR GENERATION IS PROJECTED TO CLIMB FROM 11% (IN 2017) OF TOTAL U.S. RENEWABLE GENERATION TO 48% BY 2050. In the industrial sector, biomass makes up 98% of renewable energy use with nearly 60% derived from biomass wood, 32% from biofuels, and nearly 7% from biomass waste. Renewables made up more than 17% of net U.S. electricity generation in 2018. Hydropower accounted for 7% and wind power accounted for 6.6%. U.S. CONSUMPTION OF RENEWABLE ETHANOL AND BIODIESEL INCREASED FROM 7% OF ALL TRANSPORTATION FUELS IN 2006 TO OVER 12% IN 2018. Sources: Center for Climate and Energy Solutions Artwork: Owen Design llc, Getty Images, Yuji Sakai, Irina Karpinchik, Alaroarts…

mark lehenbauer

One of Mark Lehenbauer’s favorite memories growing up on the farm was the time he spent with his dad and grandfather as they explained why they did things a certain way, and, more importantly, the history behind the whys. Understanding the reason is what makes this Missouri farmer tick. Being a part of the life cycle of both plants and animals and solving the problems that arise season to season – like a disease in a crop or a health issue in livestock – are what Lehenbauer enjoys most. “We are only here for so many harvests in our life,” he says. “We need to take away something from every season.” It’s also what causes Lehenbauer to actively implement myriad technologies across the row crop and livestock operation. “Information is key,” he says. “Precision…

does your heir have ‘it’?

My wife and I are 67 years old, and we’ve had a great farming career. We inherited some land early and then several things fell into place. Now we have 2,700 acres of paid-for land. I love to farm. We have fun and everything is clicking when I am around, but I know someday that will come to an end. We have three children. Two of them have no interest in farming; another shows interest and works for us, but I question his managerial ability. Our son-in-law is interested and helps from time to time, but I don’t think he has what it takes either. I’m just not sure how to pass this on as I question the leadership and managerial qualities of the next generation. – Submitted by email from…