Tech Advisor August 2021

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intel launches 11th-gen tiger lake-h cpus for gaming notebooks

Just a few short months after Intel launched the 11th-gen Core H35-series microprocessors for mobile gaming, Intel is at it again. Last month, it officially launched the 11th-gen Core ‘Tiger Lake’ H-series processors for mainstream and gaming laptops. The product line includes five new processors, including the premium, unlocked Core i9-11980HK, the Core i7-11800H and a pair of Core i5 processors. Quad-core processors have disappeared from the line-up. Instead, the new chips include hyperthreaded six‑core and eight-core processors, offering double the cores of the 11th-gen Tiger Lake cores Intel launched in September. Versus 2020’s 10th-gen Core mobile gaming chips, base core clock frequencies are slightly up across the board. The maximum single-core boost clock has dipped, though – possibly a black mark for gamers. However, Intel is once again publishing its all-core…

nvidia’s geforce rtx 3050 gpus bring ray tracing to the masses

Nvidia is undoubtedly the market leader when it comes to discrete GPUs, accounting for an estimated 82 per cent of all sales according to one report. The high-end gaming laptop market is saturated with Nvidia RTX GPUs, but the same can’t be said about the budget market – until now, anyway. The Nvidia GeForce RTX 3050 and 3050 Ti are specifically designed for more affordable hardware, with Nvidia suggesting they’ll make their way into laptops costing as little as $799 (around £560), bringing the power of RTX graphics to the mainstream. We don’t know any specific device that’ll be powered by the 3050 or 3050 Ti yet, but Nvidia has revealed plenty of details about the GPUs themselves. They may sit at the bottom of the company’s laptop line-up (below the RTX…

dell security flaw from 2009 affects ‘hundreds of millions’ of pcs

First, the bad news: security researchers recently discovered five high-severity flaws in Dell’s firmware update driver – and they’ve been pushed to customer computers ever since 2009. Now the good news: A fix is already (finally) available for people who own Dell desktops, laptops, and tablets. You’ll want to take advantage if you’re affected, as the secretive code won’t stay a secret for long. “These multiple high severity vulnerabilities in Dell software could allow attackers to escalate privileges from a non-administrator user to kernel mode privileges,” writes Kasif Dekel, a security researcher at SentinelOne that sniffed out the vulnerability. That could let attackers bypass security software or assault the network of an organization that deploys Dell PCs. “Over the years, Dell has released BIOS update utilities which contain the vulnerable driver for…

rip internet explorer: microsoft will discontinue support in 2022

Believe it or not, Microsoft’s Internet Explorer still lives. But not for long. If you’re one of the people who are still reliant on Internet Explorer (hi, Dad!) Microsoft has some bad news: Microsoft will officially end support for the Internet Explorer desktop application on June 15, 2022. Before that, however, Microsoft 365 will end support for IE on 17 August of this year. The replacement? Microsoft Edge, which already has an ‘Internet Explorer mode’ built right in. Microsoft said in 2019 that it planned to add an IE Mode within Edge, and the virtualized browser lives on as a configurable mode within Microsoft Edge. That’s important, because the modern Edge browser is simply more secure than Internet Explorer ever was. And you can’t say Microsoft didn’t signal IE’s demise, by basically…

microsoft surface laptop 4

Price: £1,469 (inc VAT) from Microsoft’s Surface Laptop 4 has significantly improved where it matters – in performance and in battery life. Even though it’s largely unchanged otherwise compared to the Surface Laptop 3 (and available in the same 13.5in and 15in sizes), that’s not a bad thing given the product line’s tradition of offering a great screen, a great keyboard, and great battery life. Microsoft has hit its mark on all three criteria once again, and the important changes under the hood make all the difference. Our praise comes with a few qualifications. The product line is expensive. The long battery life is attained with a few tricks. We also don’t know how the Ryzen 7 version we’ve tested here compares to its siblings with an Intel CPU inside. Despite…

samsung galaxy book pro 360

Price: £1,499 (inc VAT) from Even in an era of progressively lighter notebooks, larger thin-and-light laptop options like the 15in Samsung Galaxy Book Pro 360 are relatively rare. Sure, you might buy it because it simply won’t break your back. But a stunning multimedia experience and shocking all-day battery life demand additional praise. Samsung’s Galaxy Book Pro 360 lends credence to Intel’s Evo program, from which this laptop graduated. Thin-and-light laptop keyboards can be iffy, though, and this laptop suffers accordingly. Samsung also loads up the Book Pro 360 with apps for just about everything. Nevertheless, this is a fantastic machine. Read on for why. DESIGN Samsung’s Galaxy Book Pro 360 proudly proclaims itself a member of Intel’s flagship Evo line-up via a small sticker on its keyboard deck, and it deserves it.…