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microsoft officially unveils windows 11

Microsoft has officially unveiled Windows 11, a new iteration of its OS that promises a host of visual upgrades, as well as new behaviours to the basic Windows experience. “This is the first version of a new era of Windows,” Microsoft chief executive Satya Nadella said during its unveiling. “We’re building for the next decade and beyond.” The new OS has already been made available as a build for Windows Insiders and will be released to the general public by Christmas 2021. An early, partial build of Windows 11 leaked before the official launch (see page 15), allowed users an early peek at Windows 11 and what Microsoft had planned. New features include a simplified Taskbar and Start menu, plus some visual upgrades, including rounded corners on icons and a fresh look…

windows 11 faq: answers to your most burning questions

Windows 11 is nearly here. Microsoft has formally announced Windows 11, and we’ve already seen it as a leaked build – see page 15. Every new operating system brings many questions. We’re starting here with the answers we know. WHAT IS WINDOWS 11? Windows 11 will be the name of the next major revision to Windows 10, different enough that it justified a new name. RELEASE DATE Windows 11 is already available to Windows Insiders. It will be available to the public at large this autumn, or closer to Christmas 2021. If you’re wondering whether you’ll be able to opt out of Windows 11 – the answer is, surprisingly, yes. Microsoft appears to be placing some substantial hardware requirements on its new OS, and if your PC doesn’t meet them, you won’t be allowed to upgrade.…

8 new windows 11 features we didn’t expect

We knew that the Windows 11 leaked build we tried recently was early and unfinished – see page 15. What we didn’t know was what more Microsoft had in store for Windows 11 – Android apps. Teams chat – when the company officially unveiled the new operating system. We look forward to exploring some of these features when we get our hands on the first Windows Insider builds of Windows 11. (Not all the new features will be available in the first build.) Until then, all we have to go on are the intriguing teases of new the Windows 11 features that we didn’t know about. 1. ANDROID APPS ON YOUR WINDOWS 11 PC Microsoft chief product officer Panos Panay said that he was “pumped” to bring Android apps to the PC, and…

windows 11 hands-on: first look at the leaked operating system

As we’ve seen, Windows 11 is Microsoft’s next operating system. It’s here, it’s real and we’re using a leaked version of it right now. Our hands-on should provide an early first look at what you can expect in the shipping version: the addition of a mammoth widgets drawer, an updated Windows 10X-like user interface, and more. We obtained Windows Dev build 21996.1 via a leak from the web, downloaded it, and installed it on a Microsoft Surface Pro 7+. While we don’t have any performance metrics to compare performance before and after installing Windows 11, we can tell you that the experience felt decidedly snappy, though we ran into a few bugs. Based on our experiences so far, it makes sense to think about Windows 11 as something more than Windows 10,…

want windows 11? your pc will need these specs

Microsoft has published its hardware requirements for Windows 11, adding strict new security requirements for its next operating system. Here’s what you’ll need to run Windows 11 when it’s made available later this year. Fortunately, if your PC doesn’t meet the hardware requirements, you’ll have several years to replace it, as Windows 10 will be supported until 2025. WINDOWS 10 VERSUS 11 SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS For Windows 10, the PC hardware requirements necessary to run it are relatively tame: a 1GHz processor, 1GB of RAM (2GB for a 64-bit version of the OS), 16GB of storage, and a display capable of 800x600. On Windows 11, you’ll need a more sophisticated PC. According to Microsoft’s list of PC hardware requirements for Windows 11 (see It will require an 8th-gen Core CPU and above, according to…

microsoft won’t allow many older surface devices to upgrade to windows 11

About half of Microsoft’s Surface line-up will be ineligible to upgrade to Windows 11, the company confirmed announcing the new operating system. When we asked which Surface devices would be eligible for Windows 11, a Microsoft representative responded via email with the names of just five legacy devices, as well as the most modern revisions of each of Microsoft’s Surface line-up. To date, Microsoft has shipped 25 different Surface models, excluding the Surface Duo. Microsoft didn’t comment on why it was excluding many of its Surface devices from Windows 11, but the reason most likely corresponds with the minimum Windows 11 hardware requirements listed earlier today, and possibly the need for a TPM 2.0 coprocessor. Of the 25 Surface device families that Microsoft has shipped to date, only 13 will be eligible for…