Tech Advisor December 2021

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unpatched office attack reminds us: don’t click on risky documents

Microsoft is warning of a new Office vulnerability that can be avoided by continuing to use smart Internet practices. Namely, don’t open untrusted documents. Researcher EXPMON recently reported a new vulnerability to Microsoft (see, the company said, and it confirmed the vulnerability in a security update – The tech giant has yet to issue a patch, though it said it will “take the appropriate action to help protect our customers”. The vulnerability takes advantage of the MSHTML rendering engine used by Internet Explorer, a browser that Microsoft has deprecated. (IE will still run within Edge, but within the browser’s sandbox, protecting your PC.) So instead, the attackers are targeting the IE engine running within Microsoft 365 or Office documents. If a malicious Office document is sent you via email, then…

how to protect yourself from the new microsoft office hack

As we’ve seen, there’s a scary new attack targeting Microsoft Office – and worse, it’s not patched yet. But you can keep your computer safe if you don’t click on files from untrusted sources. And even if you do, Office’s Protected View feature can help. Unfortunately, we all still click on Office documents emailed from ‘trusted’ contacts, so the next line of defence is to make sure Protected View – the prompt that warns you a file originated from someone potentially insecure, requiring you to click a button to start editing it – is switched on in Office 365. It’s normally on by default, but some users may errantly switch it off. If you’re wondering if you have Protected View on, here’s the easy five-step process to check. HOW TO ENABLE PROTECTED…

windows 11 is out now

It’s official: Windows 11 is out. Writing at the end of August, a Microsoft spokesperson said, “On this day, the free upgrade to Windows 11 will begin rolling out to eligible Windows 10 PCs and PCs that come pre-loaded with Windows 11 will start to become available for purchase.” That’s an interesting twist, as it had previously said that Windows 11 upgrades for Windows 10 PCs wouldn’t happen until 2022. At the time of writing it wasn’t clear whether eligible PCs would start seeing the Windows 11 upgrade prompt immediately, or if most people would need to wait until later for the offer? Microsoft has said that new devices will get offered it first, with Windows 11 spreading to all eligible PCs by mid-2022. Don’t let those technical details take your eyes off…

the windows 11 hardware fiasco is getting worse

If there was a way to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat, just to reverse slam dunk victory back into the jaws of utter failure, Microsoft found it with the way it’s handled the Windows 11 hardware compatibility fiasco. In August, the company revealed it would indeed let PCs built before 2018 install Windows 11, ending what had been building into a modern day Cuban Missile Crisis among PC enthusiasts. The problems began in June when Microsoft released a Windows 11 compatibility checker that essentially threw computers running still-powerful CPUs like the Intel Core i7-7700K and AMD Ryzen 7 1800X overboard – including its own Microsoft Surface laptops – in the name of security. As you can imagine, the PC community wasn’t happy to have to be forced into a smartphone-like upgrade…

how windows 11 will speed up your slow pc

Windows 11 certainly looks different, but under-the-hood performance improvements may make it feel different, too – specifically in how the operating system handles multiple apps, as well as how your PC resumes from sleep. Microsoft detailed the new changes in a company video (see, where Steve Dispensa, vice president of enterprise management at Microsoft, explained how Windows 11 will deliver more performance in three different scenarios. 1. RUNNING MULTIPLE APPS ON AN OVERLOADED PC Take a PC with multiple applications running: email in the background, instant messaging, browsers with multiple tabs, and so on. A PC without much memory or CPU cycles available will run slowly, probably causing you to close an app or two to improve performance. In Windows 11, Microsoft promises that the way in which those apps are prioritized,…

these core apps will change in windows 11

Windows 11 won’t just change the Windows operating system, it will change the way some Windows apps look and feel, too. Before the new operating system’s launch, Microsoft showed off several Windows apps that it’s reworked for Windows 11, including what you might consider to be core Windows apps: Mail and Calendar, Paint, and even the lowly Clock app. Below, we’ll show you what to expect of these new apps within Windows 11. Note: at the time of writing Windows 11 was officially in beta. Things may have changed between then and the final release. CLOCK (FOCUS SESSIONS) Perhaps the most unexpectedly interesting update to Windows 11’s suite of Windows apps is the lowly Clock app. Now, in addition to the usual suite of Timers, Alarms, a Stopwatch and a World Clock, Microsoft…