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value of vintage

Beth Hubrich has been passionate about antiques from the time she was a young girl going to garage sales with her father. And though the thrill of the hunt was instilled in her at an early age, it wasn’t until years later that she found a way to share that passion with others. A renovation project to her 100-year-old home in Homewood, Alabama, became the catalyst for both buying and selling her unique vintage wares. “I would come across these really amazing finds, and I would just hate leaving them (even if they didn’t work for me), because I knew they belonged in somebody’s house,” Beth says. “It wouldn’t necessarily work for my house, but in that buying-and-selling process, I realized that I’ve always loved antiques and hunting for antique items.…

a spirit of history

The land that Coyote Crossing sits on has been in the Thornton family for nearly 100 years. So, when designer Margaret Chambers got the call from her longtime friend Peggy Thornton asking for her help in designing the farmhouse, it was clear that family would play a major role. Built to welcome visiting kids and grandkids, the weekend home also provides a place to showcase antiques rendered priceless through their sentimental value alone. “She had so many great family pieces that had a lot of meaning to her,” Margaret says of Peggy, who had a large file of images and ideas that she shared with her architect, contractor, and Margaret. “I really felt like my job was helping her fill in the holes of her house,” she adds. The ladies scoured flea…

a glimpse of the past

Classic charm defines the historic homes that populate downtown Charleston, South Carolina, and this Charleston single house built in 1880 has never been an exception. But when Lynne and John Rathgeber purchased it as a secondary home, the fully furnished interiors were at odds with the spirit of the iconic architectural style—and the style preferred by the new homeowners. “It did not fit their aesthetic at all,” says designer J.P. Horton, who worked with Beau Clowney Architects and Morris Construction to refresh the home’s atmosphere and highlight its inherent beauty while meeting the family’s practical needs. Seascape shades and nature-inspired motifs complement original hardwood floors and detailed molding, carrying the beauty of the garden inside. “Since the garden’s right [outside] and such a big part of the house, that was kind…

inspired design

Showcasing everything from cherished collectibles to ordinary objects, Kabinett & Kammer: Creating Authentic Interiors by Sean Scherer serves as a comprehensive guide to creating genuine designs with antiques for a lasting style that’s all your own. A childhood spent admiring Miami’s Art Deco architecture from a bygone era instilled in Sean an appreciation for the beauty of the past. This viewpoint coupled with his time as an interior designer, artist, and collector brings an unparalleled experience for those stepping foot into his antiques store, Kabinett & Kammer, located in Franklin, New York, near the Catskills. Drawing from his years abroad and artful eye, Sean creatively displays vignettes in exciting ways that are sure to capture your attention. The goal behind Sean’s thoughtful creations is cultivating a layered space that feels natural, as…

guesthouse with soul

After living abroad and multiple moves in recent years, this family wanted to get back to their roots, and they landed on a 40-acre property in Magnolia, Texas. When searching for their new home, the family knew they’d need a guesthouse where friends and relatives could stay when visiting, which is part of what drew them to this property. The main reason, though, is obvious: the land itself. “When you drive up to their home, you just say, ‘Wow,’” designer Ashley Moore shares. To keep their guests feeling cozy, the homeowners leaned on Ashley’s design expertise to help retain the natural charm of the guesthouse while adding in vintage-inspired style. This included keeping the whitewashed shiplap walls and ceiling and the stained hardwood floors that match the main house. “Whoever built this…

classic combination

This homeowner can remember the exact day she fell in love with all things blue and white. She was living in Des Moines, Iowa, and feeling homesick for her Southern roots when she popped in to see a friend for a little cheering up. The home’s breezy blue-and-white decorating scheme spoke to her own sense of style, and she was immediately smitten. She eventually found her way back home to a beautiful mountaintop cottage in a charming historic area in Alabama. For many years, the residences along this tree-lined ridge had served as summer retreats for those wishing to escape the heat of the city below. Thanks to expansive windows that once drew cooling breezes, the home’s interiors are open, airy, and washed in sunlight—the perfect milieu for the homeowner’s preferred…