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The New Yorker February 4, 2019

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Sheelah Kolhatkar (“The Whistle-Blowers,” p. 30), a staff writer, is the author of “Black Edge: Inside Information, Dirty Money, and the Quest to Bring Down the Most Wanted Man on Wall Street.” Louis Menand (“In the Eye of the Law,” p. 18) has been a staff writer since 2001. He teaches at Harvard. Emma Cline (Fiction, p. 50) is the author of “The Girls.” She received the Plimpton Prize, from The Paris Review, in 2014. Tom Gauld (Cover) has written and illustrated several books, including “The Snooty Bookshop: Fifty Literary Postcards,” a collection of cartoons. Lindsay Gellman (The Talk of the Town, p. 15) is a reporter who has been published in the Times, the Wall Street Jour nal, and The Atlantic. Peter Schjeldahl (The Art World, p. 64), the magazine’s art critic, is the…

the mail

NEWSWORTHY Jill Lepore, in her insightful piece on journalism in the age of social media and fake news, writes, “Speculation is that Buzz-Feed is trying to dump” BuzzFeed Ne ws (“Hard News,” January 28th). This speculation is incorrect. Whatever challenges we face in this difficult environment for digital media, BuzzFeed News remains a key part of the future of BuzzFeed. Its investigative reporting has freed men from prison, changed the way sexual assault is handled in Congress, given the public incredible insight into the Mueller investigation, and detailed Donald Trump’s business dealings in Russia during the 2016 campaign. I’m excited to see what our journalists do in the years to come. Jonah PerettiFounder and C.E.O., BuzzFeedNew York City Lepore gets a lot right about the many challenges, and a few of the threats,…

goings on about town: this week

Saturn’s return, the astrological paradigm shift said to usher in one’s thirties, was the inspiration for NAO’s latest album. The English R. & B. artist—a vibrant spark within the celebrated legacy of British soul music—depicts her psychic transformation in vulnerable confessionals and jubilant tales of romance. Her cosmic voice glides across songs that traverse a spectrum of simmering slow jams and danceable electro-grooves. She performs at Terminal 5 on Feb. 2, with support from another golden-voiced singer, Xavier Omär. ART Richard Deacon Marian Goodman UPTOWN The British sculptor, who won the Turner Prize in 1987, fabricates disconcerting objects of variable size (from small to monumental) and unpredictable design (airily looping, glumly massy) from materials that have included wood, steel, iron, ceramic, plastic, linoleum, and leather. Now he adds digital photographs to the list. Each…

tables for two: unagi aburi ittetsu and unagi-ya hachibei

Unagi Aburi Ittetsu 60 Kenmare St. Unagi-Ya Hachibei 238 E. 53rd St. In Japan, freshwater eel, or unagi, is such a beloved and age-old delicacy—prized for its nutritional value (it’s high in vitamins and protein), its tender, ever so slightly gelatinous texture, and i t s rich yet delicate flavor, enjoyed especially in the summertime—that there is a category of restaurants that serve basically nothing else. In New York, where once there were no such establishments, suddenly there are two. Though the restaurants have no direct connection, they share much in common. Both import eel, live, from Japan every week. Both charge around fifty dollars per eel—a price based not only on shipping costs but also on the fact that Japanese freshwater eel has been overharvested to the point that it’s a limited-supply luxury item.…

comment: guns and the city

New York City is a strange and dangerous place, if the plaintiffs in a gun-control case that the Supreme Court has just agreed to hear are to be believed. The suit, which calls the city’s restrictions on transporting handguns through its streets “bizarre,” “irrational,” and “perverse,” was brought by the New York State Rifle & Pistol Association—the state affiliate of the National Rifle Association—along with two gun owners who live in the Bronx and one from Staten Island. The case is notable for reasons that go beyond its caricature of the city and its mores. To begin with, this will be the first time the Court seriously considers the Second Amendment since it adopted a radical view of gun rights in District of Columbia v. Heller, in 2008, which overturned…

shutdown notes: solidarity

As the government shutdown entered its fourth week, passengers at John F. Kennedy International Airport took note of hip-hop music playing on the sound system in Terminal 5: Travis Scott’s “Sicko Mode” (“Cut the lights/paid the price”), Kanye West’s “Lift Yourself” (“Po o p, poop/Scoop-diddy-whoop”). Could i t be an act of protest by airport security agents, who were working unpaid? “TSA has officially stopped giving a fuck,” one passenger tweeted. “It wasn’t us,” a T.S.A. officer named Thomas Schoregge said last week. (The culprit turned out to be a music service called Rockbot, which lets passengers select the beats.) It was a damp afternoon, and Schoregge was bagging groceries in the back of a U-Haul truck, near the airport employees’ parking lot. Schoregge is a local leader with the American…