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The New Yorker January 14, 2019

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Amos Oz (Fiction, p. 48), who died last month, was an Israeli novelist, shortstory writer, and essayist. His many works include “Where the Jackals Howl,” “The Same Sea,” and “A Tale of Love and Darkness.” This is the first time that “All Rivers,” published in Hebrew in 1965, has appeared in English.Elisabeth Zerofsky (“The Illiberal State,” p. 40) has contributed to the magazine since 2012. This piece was supported by the Pulitzer Center.Jake Halpern (“A Night at the Museum,” p. 30) received a Pulitzer Prize in 2018 for “Welcome to the New World,” a twenty-part series in the Times. He is adapting the series into a book.Margaret Talbot (Comment, p. 13) has been a staff writer since 2004.James Wood (Books, p. 65) teaches at Harvard. “Upstate,” his latest novel, was…

the mail

THE TV PRESIDENTWhat is perhaps most surprising about Patrick Radden Keefe’s Profile of Mark Burnett, the producer of “The Apprentice,” is that it made me agree wholeheartedly with Donald Trump about the potential perils of immigration, illegal or not (“Winning,” January 7th). Burnett, a native Brit, acknowledges coming to the U.S. illegally, with “no money, no green card, no nothing.” He then took a habitually failing businessman and turned him into a pretend savant for TV. Afterward, Rupert Murdoch, a native Australian, gave Trump an even larger audience—the loyal viewers of Fox News, and the readers of the New York Post. Trump has called immigration the enemy of great cultures. Given all that Burnett and Murdoch have done, through Trump, to destroy American culture, I am inclined to agree with…

goings on about town: this week

(PHOTO ILLUSTRATION BY TERESA ENG)Philip Venables’s “4.48 Psychosis,” which is based on the late Sarah Kane’s 2000 play and runs through Jan. 12 at the Baruch Performing Arts Center, is a marquee offering at the Prototype Festival, a two-week showcase that sets the pace for contemporary opera in New York City. The piece externalizes the private agony of depression: a cast of identically dressed women gives voice to the protagonist’s despair through vocal glissandos, eerie harmonies, and claustrophobic gasps against a backdrop of buzzing and fractured sounds.ART“Andy Warhol”Whitney MuseumAlmost everything on display in this splendid, though inevitably too small, retrospective, organized by the museum’s senior curator, Donna De Salvo, feels, even now, definitively new. The show hits the most famous points—the Marilyns and the Elvises, the Jackies and the Maos—and…

tables for two: mission chinese food

Ask a grumpy baby boomer just what it is he thinks the kids are up to out there in those abandoned warehouses of Brooklyn, and his worst fears might paint a picture of the new Mission Chinese Food, in Bushwick: a glowing glass façade surrounded by a twenty-four-thousand-square-foot performance venue on an otherwise desolate industrial block. A stark concrete interior lit by an overhead grid of L.E.D. tubes cycling steadily through a range of neon hues. A soundtrack transitioning, somewhat archly, from Ariana Grande to Justin Bieber, at a deafening volume.The first Mission Chinese Food, named for San Francisco’s Mission District, was, when it opened there, in 2010, a humble sort of experiment: a young chef, Danny Bowien, born in South Korea and raised by adoptive white parents in Oklahoma,…

comment: democrats in the house

One of the worst side effects of Trumpism is the way that it drives its opponents into reactive mode, amid an atmosphere of cooked-up chaos. Donald Trump wants to build a “great, great wall,” and last week he considered declaring a national emergency to do it, despite the fact that illegal border crossings have drastically decreased since 2000, and that many of those trying to cross these days are women and children who are not evading border guards but seeking them out, to ask for asylum. At the outset of 2019, we’re in the second week of a partial government shutdown—which Trump said could last for months or years—because congressional Democrats have had to take his fixation seriously and insist that they won’t allocate the five billion dollars that he…

good neighbors: pushing back

Gurbir GrewalOn the eighth day of the government shutdown, the Trump Administration was dogged by reports of yet another investigation. New Jersey’s attorney general, Gurbir Grewal, was looking into whether Donald Trump’s golf club in Bedminster had hired undocumented housekeepers—including a Guatemalan woman who told the Times that she had illegally entered the United States from Mexico and often made the President’s bed.Trump’s troubles with New York’s legal authorities are well publicized. Less well known are the dozens of legal actions against the Administration in which its neighbor across the Hudson has participated, “everything from the travel bans to DACA to family separations,” Grewal said not long ago. New Jersey has one of the largest populations of undocumented immigrants in the U.S., an estimated five hundred thousand.Grewal, who took office…