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Trade RVs December 2020

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windsor reborn

After a couple of false starts earlier this year — thanks to the wet weather we had been experiencing and the start of the show season — I finally found myself at the headquarters of Windsor Caravans at Northgate in Brisbane. Thankfully, on what could only be described as a glorious summer’s day, the weather wasn’t going to be a problem, so we hitched the Windsor Genesis 196MD up behind the D-Max, checked the tail-lights and safety chains and pulled out into morning rush hour traffic. TOW TIME Thanks to the relatively low tare of 2031kg, with little fuss we were soon merging onto the M1 at Nudgee and making our way north to the idyllic surrounds of Bribie Island for our day of testing. Primarily designed for black top touring, you would expect…

how green is my rv?

“Who is responsible for the heavy RV problem? I’d like to suggest that just about everyone is — manufacturers, consumers, RV magazine writers and even non-RV publications.” When considering how environmentally friendly their caravan or motorhome is, many people might consider battery and solar panel capacity, and maybe the grey water tank, but not much else. However, I would like to suggest that it’s much more than that and starts back with the manufacture and purchase of any RV. ‘Tread lightly’ or ‘leave only footprints’ are expressions we often hear, yet I suspect the RV world leaves a deep footprint. REDUCING THE FOOTPRINT I’ve mentioned this before, but apart from the USA, Australia builds the heaviest caravans and motorhomes in the world. Is this necessarily a good thing? Having a heavy caravan means using…

the bee's knees

There’s no equivalent to the demented goat tracks of the Victorian High Country within a stone’s throw of the Malls Balls, but that doesn’t mean there’s no offroad fun to be had around Adelaide. Purpose-built tracks exist at JAKEM Farm and Eagle View, and short-lived bursts of ruts and washed-out climbs dot the forestry roads at Mount Crawford. Us South Aussies can still hang our four-wheel drive’s diffs up, if we so desire; it’s just less likely down here as we’re better at picking lines. I’m an absolute sucker for the pine-scented air and crackle of dried needles underfoot at Mount Crawford. Breathing here is like performing a prohibited yoga move conducive to ultimate wellbeing. I’m sure we could all do with a dose of air like this right now, but…