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Trade RVs February 2021

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all about weight

Weight is a significant factor which must be considered when choosing and setting up a tow vehicle for your caravan or camper. All vehicles, when manufactured, have limits expressed for their load capacity — tare weight (empty except for 10L of fuel), gross vehicle mass (GVM), towing capacity, gross combined mass (GCM) and ball weight — which are strictly enforced by state and Federal laws, and any breach can result in the loss of insurance cover and/ or warranty, plus penalties imposed by police. A CLOSER LOOK Let’s look at one of the most popular tow vehicles. A 2020 Toyota LandCruiser has a maximum towing capacity of 3500kg. That is the maximum weight which the manufacturer says the vehicle can tow, and is a figure which, for any vehicle, should be easily…

luxury anywhere

Few truly believe the rat race is life in all its entirety. Most feel there’s something more, beyond the concrete horizons. And although this something more is often obscured by smartphone notifications, mortgage repayments and the daily grind, it’s never truly forgotten. It’s there, a constant presence, acting as a private motivation, a flickering inner flame. We all, now and then, need a break from our switched-on, plugged-in 21st century existence. Our happiness depends on taking the opportunities we can to unplug, switch off, and go offline. That’s the philosophy of Offline Campers out of South Oz, one which I’m sure will resonate with many readers. Their hard-floor, rear-fold Raker, the end result of over 25,000km of testing culminating in a Simpson Desert crossing, seems to ask: if you’re leaving the big…

filling the gap

Times change, and sometimes so do the directions and approaches of a company. Take Queensland caravan manufacturer, Spinifex Caravans, as an example. Back in early 2019 when I visited and reviewed the EpiX Premier, Spinifex were building big, heavy, fully customised offroad vans that needed a big, heavy 4WD to tow them. Fast forward to late 2020, and while Spinifex still pump out the big, full-custom vans, they have added another string to their bow. Enter stage left, the all-new Spinifex Xscape. Born from a need for a full-sized van light enough to be safely towed behind the ever-popular dual cab ute without sacri›icing strength and reliability, the Xscape creates its own place within the Spinifex family. WEIGHT WATCHERS, HERE I COME When it came to designing the new Xscape model, one thought…