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plenty of swagger

Pop-top functionality, freedom from the horrors of canvas complication and joyful glee in the knowledge you’re loaded to the gunnels with features designed to keep you, your friends and your family in clover while out enjoying a fine outback adventure beyond the far horizon. These are the voyages of the Starship Enterprise. Only joking, they’re not really, they’re some of the more well-known attributes of a hybrid camper. But funnily enough, a hybrid camper actually shares some similarities with an intergalactic spaceship. Both are typically large, designed to accommodate a big crew and both can take you to places seen by few other humans. But in a hybrid these virtues often come at a cost; typically burdensome weight, a tall profile height and awkwardness over rough tracks. In a spaceship,…

mending more than fences

Out of the ashes of Black Saturday 2009 came an urgent need for fences to be rebuilt and communities restored. Kilmore East farmers, Kevin and Rhonda Butler, were among those whose fences were burnt. Needing to quickly secure their 1,500 sheep, they sought assistance from family, friends and local volunteers to help rebuild. Within a week, the fences were completed — a task that would have taken them months to do on their own. Grateful for the assistance they received, Rhonda and Kevin decided to try to help a few others with their fencing. Thus, BlazeAid was born. Since the devastation of the Black Saturday bushfires on 7 February 2009, thousands of long-and short-term BlazeAid volunteers have come to help rebuild fences for bushfire survivors. Volunteers have come from all parts of Australia, as…

quadruple the fun

Driving the KEA Navigator T555 around the north-west region of Victoria for a review made for an easy transition from my usual towing caravans into driving a motorhome, especially since the Navigator is set up for touring and ease of driving — it was pretty much a matter of get in and go. As much as it’s top heavy, it’s still got a solid grip on the road, and I felt like if I’d put the pedal to the medal, it may have a bit of grunt too. However, the purpose of this review was to see just how comfortably it would fit a family of four (or a couple) and how well it would drive with this in mind. FIT FOR FOUR The KEA Navigator T555 sleeps four people in double…

walking tall

For a company that didn't set out to build caravans, New Age has come a long way. When they set up in 2004 as New Age Frames & Designs, the object was to supply caravan builders in Campbellfield, Victoria, with CNC built furniture and structural frames. But after four years, they saw a way to revolutionise the local caravan scene with modern aesthetics in line with inner-city apartment living. Gone was the rustic timber look and in was a palette of striking colours and square finished joinery. It shook up the industry, and they haven’t looked back — they are now amongst the most prominent builders in the country, producing 2500 caravans, pop-tops and campers in 2019 alone. Their success led Walkinshaw Automotive Group to join the party in 2018, when they…

rv storage

It’s about the time of year in the Recreational Vehicle (RV) world when normally a couple of things are happening. Totally unorganised, unlike say an RV show or rally, they are still regular items in the RV calendar year. The first is the Great Migration North, where RVers, mostly from the southern states, prepare to head to the northern parts of Western Australia, Northern Territory and Queensland for a few months in the warmer climes. Quite differently, the other is the large number of RV travellers who prepare to put their RVs into storage for the winter period after enjoying the last of the pleasant Autumn days. The first event, however, has been forced to a halt due to COVID-19. Some state borders have re-opened, many a tourist area has been declared off…