March 2022

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anything is possible

There’s a moment, about 18 minutes into the excellent new Netflix documentary 14 Peaks, where you struggle to believe what you’re seeing. Nimsdai Purja (above), the star of the movie and the hottest property in global mountaineering right now, has just descended to the safety of his tent after summiting Annapurna, but is already preparing to go back up. After learning that another mountaineer has spent the night stranded alone, high on the world’s 10th highest mountain, Nims and two members of his team don’t even think twice about going back to rescue him. What follows is an astonishing feat of skill and bravery, dangling from a wire beneath a helicopter operating at its altitude limit, before being dropped onto Annapurna’s upper slopes and bringing the casualty down to safety.…


LAKE DISTRICT SEAT SANDAL There are plenty of hills in Britain that, if we’re being honest, wouldn’t bring much to the table if it weren’t for the company they keep. Take Seat Sandal for example, a sort of oversized grassy hump perched on the edge of Lakeland’s Eastern Fells above Dunmail Raise. You can climb it easily from the busy streets and cafés of Grasmere and be back in time for a pot of tea and gingerbread just a couple of hours later, but if you did that you’d be spectacularly missing the point of this 736m fell. Geographically Seat Sandal belongs to Fairfield, a big bruiser of a mountain that dominates the southern end of the long, thin mountain range that carves the Lake District clean in two from Threlkeld to…

britain’s top 10 mountain pubs

MORE PUB ROUTES We’ve got 12 mapped routes that start, finish or visit a pub in our pub walk special this month! See page 83 10 STICKLEBARN, LANGDALE National Trust-owned Sticklebarn is a slight wildcard on this best pubs list, but popular with Trail readers it surely is! We’re impressed with their efforts to reduce their impact on the planet, with the carbon footprint of every meal calculated and all profits put back into the local environment. There’s a proper bar and a great outdoor space with views of the wonderful Langdale skyline too. 9 THE OLD NAGS HEAD, EDALE Probably one of Britain’s most well-known pubs, The Old Nags Head marks the start of the Pennine Way long-distance trail. To the north, Kinder Scout calls, and to the south The Great Ridge of Mam…

out there

THIS MONTH’S WINNER Langdale Pikes Lake District “We drove from Ambleside YHA to Dungeon Ghyll in the mist and rain wondering why! Mist up to Stickle Tarn, then suddenly we’re above the clouds! Reminded that the sun always shines even if we’re in the Earth’s shadow or under cloud. Press on, you never know what good things are in store...” Paul & Sam Travell, Nottingham Helvellyn Lake District “Get to the summit and you can have your bacon and beans, I keep telling my son Max.” Rob Davis, Yorkshire Snowdon Snowdonia “Myself and John and Joe Twigg, Ian Cass and Geth Huw on Snowdon’s summit, enjoying stunning scenes right across Snowdonia. First dusting of snow of 2021.” Andy Weir, Holyhead Ben Lomond Trossachs “My wife, Mary, and our Sprocker, Jess, on top of Ben Lomond during our three weeks…

sessile oaks – the grandmasters of our uplands

In Britain’s uplands, where the soils are thin, acidic and lacking in nutrients, it’s the sessile oak and not the more widespread pedunculate (English) oak that should thrive. I say ‘should’ because we all know our hills are alive with not very much in the way of trees. But there are still places that this native survivor of the uplands can be seen. Sessile means stalkless and that refers to the acorns. The leaves have long stalks compared to their penduculate relatives, without the usual eared lobe near the stalk. In ideal conditions, sessile oaks stand 30-40m tall, their long trunks produce a fan-shaped crown and they can live to the ripe old Yoda age of 800 years. The oaks growing properly in the uplands – high on the mountains rather…

mountains for the mind

Mountains for the Mind first appeared in the pages of Trail magazine in January 2019, backed by mental health charity Mind and some wonderful partners from the outdoor industry who have helped us spread the word over the past three years. Our mission has been simple: to inspire more people to get outdoors and walk in the hills and mountains for the benefit of their mental health. Along with six very brave volunteers (Ruth, Andy, Nick, Georgina, Andrea and David), who joined us on a Lake District walk and shared their own very personal stories of how mountains had helped them through tough periods in their lives, we began a journey that has taken us to places we never imagined possible. Mountains for the Mind has been the most rewarding and wholly…